Still sitting pretty at Sunrise

Hedda Konig launched Freo’s branch of The Sit a year ago. Photo by Steve Grant.

But now it’s MeditationHQ

SUNRISE meditation The Sit is about to celebrate its first year of creating a little tranquility on Bathers Beach in Fremantle, and is using the opportunity for a rebrand.

The not-for-profit organisation, which holds meditation sessions every Saturday morning at 16 locations around Australia, will become MeditationHQ to better reflect its genesis as a community gathering aimed at participants’ mental health and wellbeing.

Hedda Konig kicked off Fremantle’s Sit a year ago and says she’s proud they haven’t missed a single 6.45am session regardless of the weather.

“I remember sitting here huddled between these two concrete blocks, and it was blowing a gale, but the hut protected us,” she says of the shelter nestled beside the old kerosene store (now Kidogo Arthouse).

“We have become known as a reliable resource, if you will, for mental health; to still your mind and to come together with like-minded people.”

She reads out a message sent by one of her first participants: “It is always as it says it would be; at the same time, at the same place, with a simple topic to tune into.

“There have been minimal limitations to attending. For me, it is free; I just had to get myself there.


“No one except for me judged me for being late – the many times I was late – it is a welcoming space. I didn’t know I needed this meditation to become a part of my life and self care.

Ms Konig says the themes they meditate to each week often include gratitude, kindness, sharing and earthcare, and the beach background adds a little magic.

“In those 20 minutes the sky changes, the water colour changes, there’s ships coming in and out.

“Of course, you can close your eyes or you can open your eyes… everyone can do their own thing.

“And you’re held in the space.” Ms Konig says her vision is to see five more MeditationHQ sessions set up around Perth and the state, with Exmouth set to be the “cherry on the top” because its gulf provides WA with a rare opportunity to see a sunrise over the ocean.

Next Saturday, June 3, will be the anniversary session, and while there’ll still be the usual meditation with a special theme Ms Konig’s keeping under her yoga mat until the day, she’ll follow it with some cake and a coffee.

“Bring a blanket, a friend and your favourite keep cup to enjoy the serene surroundings of Bathers Beach. 

“This is an excellent opportunity to connect and celebrate with like-minded individuals and experience the transformative power of meditation,” Ms Konig told the Herald.


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