On the right wavelength

• Radio Fremantle’s graduates ready to hit the airwaves.

RADIO FREMANTLE recently held its first in-house training course, helping turn a bunch of locals into polished presenters.

The students came from all walks of life and the eight-night course was focused on a hands-on introduction to the design and presentation of a live-to-air radio program. It covered style, voice, scripting, interviewing, studio operation, communication principles and broadcasting law and ethics.  

All of the announcers on Radio Fremantle are required to complete the training so they have the knowledge and skills to confidently present on air.

Larry Wale became interested in 1983 when there was a group of people wanting to start up a local community radio station.

“There was a meeting at The Glyde Inn at East Fremantle and it was decided at that meeting to press ahead and see if we could gain a broadcasting license,” Mr Wale said.

“It took around four years of planning and a couple of test broadcasts and in 1988 the station was granted a license for five years.

“Family commitments and work got in the way of me actually fulfilling my dream 

of continuing my involvement with the station and it became something I planned to do when time allowed. 

“Nearly 40 years later, and now retired, I find I have plenty of time to pursue my life-long ambition to share and present the music that I love to the local community!”

Isabelle Gagnon, one of the students said, “I’ve always thought that doing interviews on radio would be a fantastic job!

“Just before I started the course, I was listening to Radio Fremantle and the presenter was explaining how, when she was younger, working in a grocery store, she couldn’t wait for the time of the day to announce the daily specials on the speaker.  

“Well, we wouldn’t hear that anymore! 

“This spiked my curiosity and got me searching.

“Beside the theoretical aspect, we had plenty of opportunities to practice in the studio which was so valuable as the desk is daunting at the beginning.  

“Now, it’s just a matter of throwing ourselves in and hosting a show!”

The station is now looking for the next bunch of Ernie Sigleys. 

Places are limited and their courses book out quickly, so register your interest if you’re keen to kickstart your journey on air! 

Check the Radio Fremantle website for details, as well as information about the station’s current shows and presenters, and lots of archived shows: http://www.radiofremantle.com.au 


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