Activ heart still beating

WHILE many wondered what happened to Activ Foundation after it closed its workshops last year, for most of its clients, the show goes on. 

On Friday night just gone their Beaconsfield-based theatre company Activ Heartbeats presented a 10-year anniversary production Back to the Future. 

The comedic, musical, sci-if and time travel inspired bonanza was a sell-out.

Heartbeats is a subgroup of Active Foundation, WA’s largest disability services provider and was founded by Kim Parkin and Vanessa Strnadica in 2013. 

• Activ Heartbeats rehearsing for their big 10-year anniversary show Back to the Future.

They teach participants with disabilities performing art skills through educational modules.

Over the years their performances have taken them across various Perth events and venues, and now the group is one of the Activ Foundation’s most popular community initiatives.

The group’s successes and popularity is not taken for granted, especially after the scare of last year.

In mid 2022, Activ Foundation, who has been operating for more than 70 years, announced it was shutting multiple sites due to funding cuts to the NDIS.

But the closures did not eventuate, thanks to fellow provider Workpower who took over all large-scale industrial work sites.

“We’re very grateful for the support of Workpower and both the state and federal government throughout this transition period,” says Activ CEO Micheal Heath.

“It was a great outcome where everyone was able to continue working and doing what they love.”

Support Worker and Activ team member Lauren Ranger said Heartbeats was a highlight for performers and the community.

“It gives our customers newfound performance skills, confidence, and creativity,” Ms Ranger said.

“We’ve been lucky enough to receive an incredible donation of hundreds of costumes from Compressed Air Spares in Wangara…which will inspire our stories for years to come!”

Heartbeats are hoping to have  a company-wide showcase in 2024.

You can keep posted on future shows, through following the Activ Foundation social pages.


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