State lodges latest Beacy Tafe plan

THE redevelopment of the former Beaconsfield TAFE site has achieved a crucial milestone with DevelopmentWA  submitting a Local Structure Plan to the City of Fremantle. 

The 3.8-hectare site’s plan is now open for public review and feedback for 42 days.

The plan uses insights from a consultation process that garnered over 100 submissions in three weeks. The plan also integrates aspects of the City of Fremantle’s ‘The Heart of Beaconsfield’ masterplan, which envisions the broader area’s development.

Community feedback highlighted priorities such as sustainability, preservation of mature trees, enhanced safety, and public spaces. 

• The Cook government’s plans for the Challenger Tafe site show lots of greenery and connections.

Housing options

The resulting draft Concept Plan prioritises diverse housing options, including social and affordable housing, alongside community facilities and green spaces. Sustainability features prominently, with a focus on water-sensitive urban design and climate-responsive architecture.

Integral to the plan is the inclusion of social and affordable housing, contributing to the Cook government’s goal of providing 4,000 social dwellings as part of a broader $2.6 billion investment in social housing and homeless measures. 

The housing ranges from two/three storeys along Grosvenor Street, rising to eight storeys along Lefroy Road, where Fremantle College will buffer other residential areas from overshadowing. However, the plan does foreshadow some bonus heights for developments with 30 per cent or more social or affordable housing, extra deep soil planting, achieving a 5-star energy rating or other “community benefit”.

For more details on the Local Structure Plan, the public comment period, and engagement events, visit the City of Fremantle’s website:

To learn more about the redevelopment of the Beaconsfield TAFE site, visit:


Lands minister John Carey emphasised the government’s commitment to social housing through projects like the Beaconsfield TAFE redevelopment. 

He stated that the revitalised site is expected to include various dwelling types, with a focus on social and affordable housing.

Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk acknowledged the site’s potential to offer sustainable and affordable housing options, encouraging community involvement to shape the project’s direction.

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