A love of everything Freo

PAUL JACOBS loved everything about Fremantle; he loved nothing more than driving down South Street and seeing the first glimpses of the ocean or the tips of yacht masts at the Sailing Club. 

He would drive to the harbour to get “a fix” of the boats and cranes that are so synonymous with the Port City.

He lived in Fremantle during the America’s Cup and has experienced all the fun and flavours that Fremantle has had to offer in the 40 years he has called it home.

Paul was instrumental in the running of the Lilly St Lasagna Bake-off Competition. 

• Paul Jacobs

Although he never entered, he was always behind the scenes, organising tents and T-shirts and music and mayhem. 

It brought him great joy to see people coming together each year to eat lasagna and drink wine on Lilly St.

He loved living in Lilly Street and his wonderful neighbours will miss his clever wit and entertaining stories as well as his “life tips”. 

He was a man who connected strongly and deeply with people; a man who would walk up and down the street sharing his avocados or fresh eggs with people – a man who would offer to fix things or lend things or look after things for others. 

He was happy when others were happy.

Early this year, Paul was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and after months of treatment, he thought he had beaten it, but the cancer had different plans for Paul. 

It came back with a vengeance, but this time in his brain and lungs and liver; the doctors declared that he had one of the most aggressive and rare types of lymphoma that they had ever seen, and he was no match for it.

Paul Jacobs died on Sunday, 8 October 2023.

He will be missed by the whole Fremantle community.

Paul Jacobs’ wife.

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