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THE Metronet Thornlie-Cockburn Link project has reached a significant milestone, with a 22-kilometre section of freight rail successfully relocated. 

The relocation of the freight rail was a necessary precursor to the construction of Perth’s first east-west link, and will operate alongside the Thornlie-Cockburn line in the rail corridor.

A complex engineering endeavour, the relocation involved the construction of an entirely new freight line, including a substantial 70,000 tonnes of ballast, 33,000 concrete sleepers, and 4,000 tonnes of track. 

With the freight rail now relocated, construction is underway for the entry building of the Nicholson Road Station and track laying will start soon for the Thornlie-Cockburn Link, which is aimed at enhancing accessibility and connectivity for local residents.

A proposed Ranford Road Station, with 400 parking bays, will offer a 29-minute commute to Perth. 

Premier Roger Cook said it was “full steam ahead” for Metronet.

“The Metronet Thornlie-Cockburn Link will be our first east-west rail line, improving commuting times for people in our south-eastern suburbs. 

“We are investing in infrastructure that will enhance connectivity across the metropolitan region and create job opportunities,” the premier said.

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