Flying for Rwanda


MOST people skydive for the thrill but Kasia Patzelt is skydiving for a cause.

In three weeks she’ll jump to raise money for a trip to Rwanda to teach massage techniques.

It’s part of a program for the Counselling Volunteers Club Rwanda which helps locals deal with the trauma from the genocide 19 years ago.

“We get so caught up in our own lives, it’s so important to think of others,” she says.

Ms Patzelt was born in Poland, raised in Germany and moved to Perth 10 years ago. Now she lives in Hilton, working as a massage therapist.

She says the skydive is her way of preparing to jump into the unknown and to empower herself before setting out on a life-changing journey in April.

“I want to experience people and the world from a raw perspective and challenge my views,” she says.

To join her on her dive go to or donate at

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