Bathed in sculpture

• Sculptor Sigrid Ranze is booked in for Freo.

• Sculptor Sigrid Ranze is booked in for Freo.


BATHERS BEACH is set to host Freo’s largest-ever sculpture exhibition.

The brainchild of Kidogo Arthouse curator Joanne Robertson and renowned sculptor Tony Jones, Sculpture@Bathers will showcase the work of 68 artists.

Ms Robertson says sculptors have been knocking down her gallery door asking to be included.

“There has never been a major exhibition of sculpture as far as anyone can remember in Fremantle,” she told the Herald. “Talk to the old timers and they can’t remember any big sculpture shows, so this is going to be the biggest.

“The representation of sculptors spans the generations and the ‘coming together’ is motivated by a common purpose, goodwill and camaraderie.

“Freo is stepping back to the ‘70s and ‘80s vibe when artist got together and did stuff.”

The event, open to WA artists only, will run from March 16 to April 1.

Those on display will include Russell Sheridan, David Kenworthy, Denise Pepper, Judith Forrest, Sigrid Ranze and Richard Fry.

Ms Robertson said many sculptors got bogged down in public art because there was little gallery space  to show off their works.

“And the Iity of Fremantle haven’t really got into public art,” she said. “How many new sculptures around the city have you noticed?

“I think the reason this has taken off is because this is the premier site to exhibit. You have the cliffs and the bushes, so you have this natural ambience.”

Ms Robertson is looking for volunteers to “take ownership” of the exhibition.

“They could be retired people, teenagers, anyone who thinks they have the skills to help set up the show,” she said.


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