Legacy to be marked

• Helen Matthews, Catriona Gregg and Lindsay Lovering.

• Helen Matthews, Catriona Gregg and Lindsay Lovering.


WHEN potter Joan Campbell died in 1997 there was calls for a memorial to her artistic legacy.

More than 15 years on it’s about to come to fruition with a $15,000 Lotterywest grant and a $4000 injection from Fremantle council.

Plans for a shade structure on the site of Campbell’s now demolished tin studio (on the end of the heritage-listed kerosene store, now Kidogo Arthouse) had to be abandoned due to cost, and ongoing works already underway as part of the Arthur’s Head works.

Instead a core of Campbell’s friends, Lindsay Lovering, Catriona Gregg and jazz singer Helen Matthews are overseeing the bronze recreation of one of Campbell’s works in the WA Art Gallery, to be installed on Kidogo’s southern wall.

The spot will mark where a door once led to the studio.

Campbell had the wall reconstructed to match the original limestone.

Ms Gregg was a Campbell protege, heading overseas with her mentor’s blessing to study design and furniture making.

Her work is in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the WA Art Gallery, and she’s used her skills to create the bronze work and a plaque.

Campbell’s own words, written just before her death, will be on the plaque.

“I know that when I am gone the sea will still be there in continual motion.”

Work on the sculpture is expected to get underway early 2013.

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