Poster stoush

• Rudolf Koelman

• Rudolf Koelman


FREMANTLE city council will allow the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra to put A3-sized posters in its tourism centre’s window—but only one day before a big concert.

The council used to let out the window display for free, but in mid-2011 the space was “monetised” and is now crowded out by businesses.

The orchestra has a major concert with internationally-renowned violinist Rudolf Koelman booked at the Fremantle town hall on January 28, but the council will only allow the posters to go up after Australia Day.

After a minor stoush the council let FCO have free space last year, but director Hans Hug again had to fight for room this time around, arguing the orchestra brings a lot of people to Fremantle (about 500 rocked up for last year’s concert).

As of going to print council CEO Graeme Mackenzie says Mr Hug is allowed to put up his posters in the unused A4 slot and will have to wait until after Australia Day before he can put up bigger posters.

“It’s priorities,” Mr Mackenzie says. “What’s important to one person is not of the greatest importance to other people. I’m not saying it’s not a great show, I’m sure it is. It’s a little bit ‘first in, best dressed’ too.”

Mr Hug says the council should be boasting about how Fremantle has an organisation like the FCO, rather than making him waste time bickering over a bit of exposure.

Disclosure: Hans Hug is married to Herald advertising chief Natalie Hug, and both the Herald and the council sponsor the FCO.


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