Oval battle looms

Photo PlaceEAST FREMANTLE residents have formed an action group to stop their town council carving up East Fremantle Oval for housing and facilities.

The council plans to chop 7000 sqm from the Marmion Street frontage for a gym, cafe and sports shop. It also wants to shift the olds from the East Fremantle bowls and croquet clubs and build a 40-bed aged care facility.

Save Our A-Class Reserve spokesperson Damien Flynn says locals are angrys.

He says trees on Allen Street could end up in the chipper to make way for the development.

“The town council is ignoring the wishes of ratepayers and selling off this valuable green space in order to provide the football club with a cash cow,” Mr Flynn says.

“Our A-class reserve is not for sale and we will resist attempts to sell it off.”

Mr Flynn reckons the plan could be a hand grenade in the March election and SOAR is canvassing candidates to get their views. They’re planning a big turn-out to the council’s annual electors’ meeting this Monday.

The Fremantle Society has swung in behind SOAR. President Roel Loopers says: “While housing for the aged is desirable, reduction of green space and an A–class reserve is not acceptable”.

Nancy Tucker says there is bugger-all green space nearby.

“I really think that it should be developed just as a [space] for people to come to, no residential at all,” she said. “Where are the kids going to play?”


One response to “Oval battle looms

  1. It seems the Herald along with some residents have not read the proposal as NO trees down Allen st will be “chipped” and the bowling and croquet clubs retained and only unused areas converted to aged care facilities. This is only a concept plan and is open to rational discussion by all concerned.

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