Two-wheeled epic

05NEWS Two wheeledTHE Fremanshed and the Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA are holding a free showing of Twice Upon A Caravan, tonight (Saturday February 2).

In 1932 23-year-old Robert Fulton rode a Douglas motorbike on an epic 40,000km journey from the UK to the USA. The solo ride, with no film or back-up crew, saw Fulton travel through India, Afghanistan, the Middle-East, China and Japan.

Most countries he crossed were still using horses and carts for transport, with paved roads a rarity and there were no phones to call for help if he got into trouble.

Fulton shot 12 metres of motion picture film recording an epic journey that can never be repeated, and the film is an amazing glimpse of a post-war world, much of it then part of the British Empire.

Twice Upon a Caravan starts 8pm. But there’s a pre-movie bike ride leaving from the Nannine Street shed in White Gum Valley at 5.30pm, followed by a BBQ. For more info call Alex on 0405 307 126.


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