Let’s meat at manna

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MANNA, South Fremantle:

flocking to Manna Wholefoods on South Terrace reckon the shop and cafe are manna from heaven.

Over the years the alternative health food shop has become a landmark around South Fremantle, but you’re as likely to see a well groomed matron as well as young, dreadlocked mums and dads.

You can bag up your own organic flour, rice, beans, lentils, nuts, sugar and spices.

Or fill a jar with peanut butter or local honey, before grabbing your organic meat, dairy and eggs or a sprouted grain, gluten-free or sourdough loaf of bread.

There’s even a self-help section of environmentally friendly cleaning products, or check out the petrochemical-free beauty range.

And Manna went plastic bag-free when the idea was merely a glint in the eye of Fremantle council.

The cafe counter was pumping when the Herald dropped in, making ordering chaotic.

It would have been less stressful to pay while ordering rather than having to take the docket to the front counter and return with the validated one to get your food. Something to consider Manna people: Stress is bad!

In the confusion the otherwise pleasant and helpful wait staff forgot to mention there was no table service, so our food cooled on the counter, before someone noticed and drew our attention to it, full of apologies for our wait.

Manna is on the way home for me and the Thai pumpkin pies have been a favourite takeaway for a while.

But my friend Moya and I were looking something more substantial as we caught up for lunch.

At one time Manna was totally vegan, but the menu has been expanded to attract a wider custom, so you will find beef sausage rolls and pies (organic of course), lamb and rosemary pies, tuna patties and cheesy vegetarian lasagne and pizza.

Having tried the tuna patties previously—they were delicious—I opted for the vegetarian bake ($13), a rich mix of vegetables and chickpeas.

It came with a couple of tasty and satisfying salads, including a beetroot one.

There were no complaints from the usually small eater Moya. However, she did note that despite the “nice” filling it was a bit dry at  one end.

We washed the meal down with a ginger fizz ($5.50) a mix of Rochester ginger (a sort of good for you cordial), san pellegrino, with fresh mint and lemon–wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

With no room for cake we could only look at the not insubstantial display before heading for home totally replete.

Manna Wholefoods
274 South Terrace, South Fremantle
Open Mon–Fri 8am–6pm,
Sat 8.30am–5pm and Sunday 10am–4pm
9335 7995

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