Letters 2.3.13

21. 09LETTERS 1

Just watch me
The Herald reported last week that I conceded I had virtually no chance of re-election.
I did not. I made the point that the Greens and the Liberals have attempted to deal me out of the game through their preference deals.
A vote for either the Greens or the Liberals will simply see Labor returned by default.
However, Fremantle voters should not be taken for granted, nor should they be taken for fools.  Fremantle voters will decide the outcome of the election on 9 March.  I am standing to give them the option to choose an experienced, effective and Independent MP.  Am I the underdog?  Yes.  Am I in with a fighting chance? Absolutely.
Adele Carles MP
William St, Fremantle

I protest
I AM delighted the Save Kimberley concert was such a success. It showed people power at its best and illustrated it is important to ensure the Esplanade is not taken over by a skateboard park.
Now we need to have a Save Fremantle concert held in Fitzroy Crossing to ensure more bad decisions are not made by council.
Roger Garwood
McCleery St, Beaconsfield

THE G4F (Herald February 23, 2013), is another example of a bunch of flat-white drinking middle-aged bores who have bought renovated workers’ cottages in Fremantle at inflated prices and is now complaining there are no artists in the city and saying it “isn’t what it used to be”.
These people have made some money working in the mines or somewhere, moved into Fremantle, parked their Euro hatchbacks and giant 4x4s in the narrow streets and sit down at coffee shops to complain.
Of course there are no artists in Fremantle anymore, they can’t afford to live in Fremantle anymore, you have driven them out.
If you look closely they are the people serving your soy latte.
You complain about the traders leaving town, well that’s because the once-vibrant street shopping has been replaced by online shopping by people in renovated limestone cottages on their iPads.
Before the likes of you came along people used to use the local shops on a daily basis for their shopping and enjoy the community contact.
Shops weren’t some interesting curiosity, all we hear now is, “oh look darling, what an interesting Italian man”.
I am no way associated with Fremantle council, but it seems to be doing a good job with all this complaining from groups such as G4F. It’s like listening to a spoilt child.
Look at how privileged you all are, you seem to have everything, but complain about the very thing you have driven out—culture and vibrancy—by your presence.
Better get used to it, Fremantle won’t go back to what it was.
It will become another Claremont with a lot more day spas, funky architects’ offices and upmarket hairdressers.
J Rossie

ARCHITECTS, consultants, artists and former politicians (Herald, February 23, 2013) don’t bring much to the struggling business sector, which is vital to a vibrant and successful city.
Freo needs capital injection and customers, not just fancy flowerboxes and more art galleries. Money doesn’t grow in communal gardens—although a complete makeover of the tired old city is in order.
David Edmondson
Adrian St, Palmyra

Take their lead
WHAT a pleasure it is to wander along Rockingham’s foreshore. It’s clean, well kept and all the dogs are on a lead under the control of their owners as per the signs posted everywhere.
However, yesterday in Fremantle this was not the case. Whilst taking a stroll along Marine Terrace to Esplanade Park we were continuously on our guard and having to steer clear of dogs walking/running with their owners off lead.
Does the dog act not apply in Fremantle?
Unfortunately, like so many, our dog is a rescue dog, he has been attacked and he does not like to be approached by other dogs. He is afraid of some  and this makes him very vulnerable and may react instinctively and bite.
Yesterday on the park there were at least four large dogs running loose and I had to quickly cross the road to avoid one in particular, placing me in the middle of traffic trying to escape. Don’t these selfish dog owners understand that not all dogs want to play or socialise? Some are unsociable, some elderly or perhaps unwell. They are just content to be out for a walk.
Any owners out there being fined by the rangers should take note and accept they are in the wrong and that the rangers need our support.They are only doing their job after all. So keep up the good work, hopefully the message will eventually get through and we’ll all be able to enjoy a carefree stroll in Fremantle in the future. In the meantime I shall continue to walk my dog with care and of course always on his lead.
Jackie Gray
Leaside Way, Spearwood

THE proposed universal ramp is an underhanded grab for control of public property.
The linking of the disabled to the dinghy launch ramp is an emotive, political and divisive plan to hoodwink the public by appealing to our compassion.
It shows total disregard for the public having any intelligence at all.
The survey put out  by the council is biased toward the sailing club, and was probably devised by the club. It should be scrapped and a public forum held before proceeding any further.
Any future developments for the 500 boat pens required by the club should be made public knowledge.
The disabled ramp at South Beach should be under the control of the council and the state government, and not the club.
Jude Mclachlan
Orient St, South Fremantle

IN 2007 and 2008 we had to fight the club’s plans through the then-state government’s Three Harbours Policy.
It’s at it again and this time with the aid of our council, which according to the club’s own report has provided “extensive consultation”.
I wonder who was consulted outside the club and who paid for the coffee coupons that were received by some lucky recipients.
Helen Martin
Samson St, Fremantle

Survey bias
THE survey by Fremantle council in regard to the boat ramp on South Beach proposed by the Fremantle Sailing Club is a disgraceful abuse of public communication.
This “survey” assumes the ramp will go in. In the options we could strongly agree with it but there was no opportunity for anyone who opposes it to strongly disagree with the ramp all together. This level of dishonesty is absolutely astounding.
Allowing canoes and junior sailors to use the ramp as displayed, sailing straight into an area used by swimmers and dogs, would surely alarm anyone, as boats in the hands of inexperienced sailors could obviously create problems.
An aspect of great concern to me is the fact this proposal is being put forward by the Fremantle Sailing Club, who has already alienated much of the remaining beach even though it promised it would allow public access to the beach at all times.
I strongly believe the club, most of whose members do not live in Fremantle, can’t be trusted to look after locals’ interests. If the club acts according to the historical precedent it has set it will soon attempt to fence off the ramp—perhaps in the name of safety—and annex just a little bit more of what remains of the beach that is open to the public.
Bryn Davis
Jenkin St, South Fremantle

I love it
THIS business about the pros and cons of a proposed small groyne and ramp is causing great concern to a good few dog beach users.
A few of my friends and I are probably amongst the silent majority who want the ramp.
Let’s wait to see the outcome of the questionnaire. We are all for it as a good amenity for us locals.
As an elderly gopher driver I long to be able to get close enough to the water to be able to get in and swim without the crutches sinking into the sand at every step while walking to deeper water.
The knockers will say there is plenty of launching area at the sailing club (of which I am a member) but who can afford to make yourself a member just for the simple chance of teaching kids to sail?
For some reason the knockers seem to believe the club has some ulterior motive and have a hate on it. Why? Just because they see expensive boats around and are jealous.
Dee Shelley
Jenkin St, South Fremantle

THE council survey is misleading and appears to be intended to skew results to a preconceived outcome.
I am a daily user of South Fremantle beach and do not support the plans for a boat ramp at the club end of our beach. That part of the beach is about people, dogs and swimming, not about boats.
Who wants to go for their morning swim in a boat pen area?
Liesbeth Goedhart
Francisco St, Sth Fremantle

Inside job
I HAVE sailed dinghies, been a local club member, trained children to sail, and crewed on large racing yachts. But I am strongly opposed to this development proposal.
Fremantle Sailing Club has a very extensive parcel of land, and it is shameful that over the 25 years plus it has had virtually free use, it has done bugger all for dinghy sailors.
If  the club really wants to increase the facility for youth, it should get its own members to reorganise their extensive and luxurious confines. Why haven’t they already done something on the other side of their club at the south-western end of Capo D’orlando Drive?
Paul Loring
Newmarket St, Beaconsfield

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