Taylor-made for Bateman

12. 11NEWSMATT TAYLOR has sauntered into the state seat of Bateman with more than 64 per cent of the primary vote.

The Liberal candidate’s result was up 12 per cent from that of former MP and attorney-general Christian Porter, who decided to quit state politics to contest preselection for the safe federal Liberal seat of Pearce (he won, and will almost certainly be a federal MP in September).

Mr Taylor, a sustainable development consultant, put his win down to a couple of big issues for locals in the area.

“I think Roe 8 is a big issue in this electorate,” he says. “A huge majority of constituents want Roe 8 to proceed as soon as possible, and conversely Labor were campaigning to stop it, in fact to rezone it. I think that had a big impact on how people voted.”

He says law and order also struck a chord with voters.

“Clearly the Liberal party is preferred in terms of managing law and order.”

From celebrating at the RAAF Association in Bullcreek on Saturday night, Mr Taylor is this week setting up his office in Booragoon.

“It feels good,” he says. “It was a short, condensed campaign, but we ticked all the boxes and definitely didn’t take it for granted, and that showed in the doubling in the margins.”


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