It’s spandextastic

IRISH busker Cormac Mohally jokes all men secretly want to slip into some spandex and dance around in their lounge rooms.

“It’s nice to wear spandex,” he laughs down the phone from Adelaide.

“I think most men would agree. Although it doesn’t breathe at all and it can get quite hot when performing.”

Mohally and countrymen Cian Kinsella formed the acrobatic comedy outfit Lords of Strut after meeting at the Cork Circus School about four years ago.

The comedy duo was doing solo shows at the time, but their mutual love for lycra soon saw them create the preposterous pairing of Famous Seamus and Seantastic, which they’re bringing to Fremantle’s annual street arts festival over the Easter long weekend.

The wannabe celebrity siblings are convinced their gravity-defying acrobatics and kick-arse dance routines will bring them fame.

These leotard-wearing brothers want nothing more than to be the most talked about dancers in the world.

“To disguise our acrobatics we started a dance routine,” he said. “Our dancing has improved, but let’s just say it can improve a bit more.

“X-Factor was big over her at the time and we just thought it was comic gold that some of these people thought they had a special talent.

“Really they were not good at all, they were crap.”

Mohally says Ireland’s “hardest working man-band” continues its twisted journey in search of success at the Fremantle Streets Arts Festival from March 30 to April 1.

He said while at times the highly energetic, acrobatic show, might seem like chaos, it is all finely tuned.

“Once the show starts it’s totally scripted,” he said. “But depending on the responses from audiences members there is always a few surprises.

“The audience you get at street festivals might not got to the theatre, so they come with fewer expectations.”

The 32-year-old says the pair tries to stay fit to cope with the physically punishing demands of performing and to stop the wobbly bits the audience might not want to see.

“Really, we would try and do three-fours a day of training but to be honest, I don’t like exercising for exercise’s sake.”


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