Freo going cheep

17. 15EARTHCARELocal Greens pollie Lynn MacLaren says Fremantle is the “canary on the coastline” when it comes to global warming.

The south metropolitan MP has just returned from California where the US media dubbed all of Australia the “canary in the coal mine”.

A recent climate commission report found this past summer to have been the hottest on record.

“In addition to higher sea temperatures, increases in sea level have been observed at places with very long records, including Fremantle,” Ms MacLaren says.

“In our port city, a three-fold increase in inundation events has occurred, as shown by comparing the pre-1950 to the post-1950 frequency of flooding.

“The WA government’s wilful disregard to curbing greenhouse gas emissions is at odds with laudable efforts around the country, and in California.”

Given the evidence—and Australia’s sunny climate—Ms MacLaren says we should be leading the world’s clean-energy revolution. Instead, stationery energy emissions in WA have doubled since the late ‘80s.

She points the blame at both Labor and the Liberals for not taking the issue of climate change seriously and for being more interested in protecting coal-based assets: “Worse still, they leave industry to run amok with emissions on new projects—even when the EPA calls for some restraint,” she says. “The state government must take urgent action to arrest the worst impacts of climate change.

“Transforming our energy footprint is both morally and economically sensible. It’s the least the Barnett government can do for future generations.”


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