Curry stardom

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STAR OF SIAM, Fremantle:

It’s easy to find an ok curry. But it’s not often you find a great curry. However, finding a curry worthy of stardom status is almost impossible. “Almost impossible”. But not impossible. It’s here in Fremantle!

How many times have you ordered a curry only to be disappointed – instead of a spicy, aromatic curry, you’ve been handed a plate of oily food cooked in instant curry powder with none of the superb original flavours of Siam – or Thailand.

Star of Siam is different. It is here that you find traditional Thai food. Not just Thai inspired or Thai infused. Traditional Thai – the real deal – the real taste of Thailand. With over 20 years experience to fine tune his recipes while running popular restaurants in Sydney, Queensland and Abu Dhabi, Shane Jiraboon, owner-operator, cooks the way his mum cooked, and the way that her mum cooked before her, and the way her mum cooked before her. “At Star of Siam we pride ourselves on tradition” says Shane.

Traditional Thai food is generally spicy but not all dishes are equally fiery. Thai food, while never bland, can be modulated to suit most palates. The uniqueness of Thai food is attributed to the fact that the nation was never colonised. Balance of the flavours, detail, and variety are of great significance to Shane who has spent years perfecting his signature Thai curry and stir fry sauces. “Traditional Thai food is not about simplicity – it’s about combining different flavours into an harmonious finish” Shane continues. And his efforts have attracted not just the local regular food lovers but also the attention of many Australian and International A-list stars who have frequented Shane’s restaurants with glowing reports.

And it’s no wonder. Think grilled prawns tossed together with lemon grass, shaved Kafir lime leaves, mint leaves, sweet chili paste, lime juice and fish sauce.

Or how about roasted duck cooked with golden pineapple, red curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes, beans, basil and bamboo shoots.

Come in and enjoy Traditional Thai worthy of stardom status and see what all the fuss is about.

Open for dinner 7 nights 5pm till late or phone through your order to pick up or home delivery.

Star of Siam
20 Essex Street Fremantle
Phone 9336 5325


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