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‘Essex Street should have been their priority’

FREMANTLE city council is under fire for re-engineering perfectly good streets to accommodate bike lanes, while neglecting Essex Street, where tarmac is being torn to pieces by massive tree roots.

The council has torn up, redesigned and repaved the section of Norfolk Street between Frichot & Frichot and Simple Nosh cafe, with new bays built into the verge between the tight line of Norfolk pines.

Retired financial planner Ralph Treasure, who lives in the Mills Bakehouse building, says the Norfolk Street roadworks have been an unncessary inconvenience.

“Riding a bike has become a very scary occurrence,” he says. “Essex Street should have been their priority.”

His comments echo those of business owners and residents along Norfolk Street, who say the changes have affected their deliveries and public exposure.

Originally, there were five car bays, six smaller ones for bikes and scooters and one service bay outside Frichot and Frichot. The service bay has reclaimed the verge in front, but the single car bay has disappeared.

Further along, a car bay and three smaller bays have been replaced with one double-car bay outside the More beauty clinic. There is ticket parking next door.

Six bays have been replaced by two double-car bays outside Simple Nosh. A cycleway has been drawn in on the opposite side of the road.


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