Dough yourself a flavour

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“MMMM cookies.” Cookie Dough Biscuits in East Fremantle is the stuff of a Homer Simpson fantasy, with gorgeous home-made cookies everywhere.

The chocolate hero would be Bart and Homer’s favourite, a fudge-style with white, dark and milk chocolate chunks.

The coffee kick of the walnut espresso would suite Marge, with its sweet caffeine fix and a liberal lacing of walnuts.

It would have to be the sweetie pie for little Maggie, with its natural rainbow sprinkles covering the white chocolate icing.

For Lisa it’s definitely the vanilla spice, a sophisticated blend of spices and vanilla bean.

Cookie Dough owner Lisa (Walsh, not Simpson) was a girl with a passion. She made her dream happen by taking to market a range of six flavours of her handmade cookies.

Having wooed and won the cookie-loving public, she set up her own cafe/shop on George Street four months ago, and the range has grown to more than 20.

None have any nasty preservatives so they need to be eaten within 10 days: Those we took home didn’t survive 24 hours.

The slightly industrial funk of the cafe/shop contrasts with the heritage precinct but the welcome was 100-watt, old-fashioned warmth when the we dropped in last Sunday.

The intention had been to buy biscuits and head home but we threw caution to the wind and stopped for brunch.

I justified my indulgence by ordering the half-serve pancakes ($10.50): Light, fluffy and smothered in a cinnamon syrup and topped with walnuts and yoghurt, they were great.

The other ‘alf went for poached eggs on sour-dough toast ($11), which arrived very runny, just as he likes them.

We washed our food down with a particularly delightful French earl grey tea (real tea—not bags), which at $5.50 a pot for two has to be the best value in town.

I know this may see me stripped naked and marched to the pyre in Fremantle but I think tea, unlike coffee, lets the full flavour of food shine, so it was Russian earl grey for the afternoon as we tucked into a box of a dozen assorted biscuits—with a little help from a friend.

We had a ball trying small portions and attributing points to each.

I’m still torn whether I preferred the passionberry, with it’s passionfruit kick, or the coconut lime with a subtle tang and crunchy white flakes.

But the other one voted the walnut espresso top marks.

It’s a game where nobody loses except the waistline and I recommend grabbing a box and trying for yourself: $20 a dozen or $2.50 each.

Cookie Dough Biscuits
88 George St, East Fremantle
open Tues–Sat 7am–4pm,
Sun 8am–2pm
0409 031 626


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