LETTERS 1.6.13

15. 22LETTERSCouncil fails festival promo
THE Fremantle Heritage Festival program looked great.
It was well designed and printed on quality stock, but where were they distributed? Already last Thursday, a day before the festival started, there were no programs left at the City of Fremantle.
No-one I know had received a program in their letterbox and the council did not put an insert in the Herald, so where did they go and how were people supposed to know what events were on?
There is a Facebook page and info can be found on the council’s website, but why print an expensive full-colour brochure when it is distributed so badly.
I’ve heard piles were dumped next to XPress magazines at hotels. That to me appears to miss the target group by miles.
We have a great festival well organised by the council and volunteer groups like the Fremantle Society, Fremantle Heritage Guides, Fremantle History Society, etc, but the people of Fremantle were left in the dark about it. Pretty poor communication again by the City of Fremantle.
Roel Loopers
Stokes St, White Gum Valley

IT appears Chinese Whispers is alive and well at the Herald.
I am not organising a petition to stop skateboarders in certain areas of the CBD, nor a petition to force skateboarders to wear helmets (Herald, May 18, 2013).
What I am organising is a petition to protest the destruction of a green zone in our city.
I have no issue with skaters and my children all enjoyed skating. At the FICRA meeting I voted for the motion calling for a skatepark to be built anywhere other than the Esplanade Park.
It is not appropriate for a park that is well used by many diverse members of our community to have 3500sqm of concrete laid on it for the benefit of a few.
Dr Elena Monaco
Norfolk St, Fremantle

More empty shops
I SEE on the front page that another iconic Fremantle shop, Sussans, is closing down after more than 40 years in Fremantle (Herald, May 25, 2013). Dymock’s is also closing—both due apparently to greedy landlords. More empty shops.
So Freo will have to push what it does best, its own history and its cultural vibe, including being a working port.
Then on page 3, we read that two iconic, creative and productive local artists at J-Shed, Jenny Dawson and Greg James are being hounded out after more than 20 years of successfully operating their own unsubsidised businesses.
It seems there are malevolent forces at work in the council, acting not in the interests of Freo culture or residents.
These quality artists would be more than welcome in any artistic precinct in Australia, and yet the council has been hounding them with impossible lease conditions, moving goal posts and generally showing huge disrespect to these creative and successful Freo icons, who just want to quietly get on with their work.
Imagine if the great Joan Campbell had been thrown out of her studio on Bather’s Beach just for being there a long time. I believe she was also intrumental in saving her studio, now the “Kidogo Art House” from demolition. Give the artists a go!
Shame on you Brad Pettitt and councillors.
Carmel Coyne
Charles St, South Fremantle

Line drawn
CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Fremantle council’s decision not to proceed with developments to South Beach (dog beach). This resource is fully utilised by and integrates the community (name another metro beach where daily yoga classes are free and open to all who care to join in).
Rarely does the voice of community impact the motives of industry and private enterprise and can only do so through the support of council. In this way Fremantle preserves its character which in the end, compared to all the other resources, is priceless.
Gabrielle Oldmeadow
Sea View St, South Fremantle

Keep the peace
AS a regular visitor to Fremantle and resident of Perth for more than 30 years, I would like to say I am opposed to the planned skate park facility being located at the Esplanade Reserve.
This is a quiet and peaceful part of Fremantle and the thought of a skate park in this area concerns me a great deal. Where will residents and visitors now go for a peaceful lunch/picnic in the heart of Freo? This area will become noisy and filled with young skateboarders, who should by all means have a place to enjoy their pastime—just not Esplanade Reserve.
Chris Reynolds
Nottingham St,
East Victoria Park

Water it too
I SEE this Dampier to Bunbury gas pipeline is planned and costed at $1.435 billion.
Before building this might the government be wise to study putting a water pipeline alongside it to bring much-needed water south from the Kimberley where there is plenty? The same workforce teams can put two down at the same time?
Keith Stuart Bales
Fantail Dve, Bibra Lake
The Ed says: The premier might think “once burned, twice shy”, Keith, no matter the rationale.

What a joke
ANOTHER one bites the dust, or is it this goes with that at Sussans (Herald, May 25, 2013)? What is going on here I just don’t get it with these excessively high rents forcing people out of business all over the place.
Who is doing this, the council or private landlords? Whichever all the empty shops everywhere seems very odd indeed. Good old greed rears its ugly head yet again but how does this work with empty shops.
Apparently there is a tax loophole where landlords can claim a sort of tax write off that keeps the wealth flowing in with an empty premises. The biggest joke however is the never-ending need to keep building more and more shops, all new complexes.
Brad Capes
Prospero Cres, Coolbellup

Council fails
I AM writing to add my support to “Hoons wreck park life” (Herald, May 25, 2013). I live opposite Dixon Park and have watched Cockburn council remove the bollards and seemingly encourage people to flout rules governing the park.
People now take shortcuts from Rockingham Road and drive straight across the park to Ommanney Street. This is in addition to trail bikes racing round the park during broad daylight, hoons churning up the oval at night and never a ranger to be seen.
I have written to the council, sent photographs and even video clips and have had the response that the matter has been dealt with, when it simply hasn’t. I think Cockburn council has a deplorable record of dealing with public complaints. Has anyone else had experience of its inadequacy?
D Carson
Ommanney St,
Hamilton Hill

Revenge is a 5c piece
IN reply to “Ripper ranger” (Herald letters, May 25, 2013) I got nicked parked in a quiet off street, where there was no demand for parking, on a Saturday night, last July. My wife and I paid the fine in small coinage, it was legal tender.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

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