Good times at Goons

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It was a crisp autumn day when we marched up to Sushi with Goons.

Copper leaves fell onto my greying temples, creating a middle-aged collage.

Goons is a popular haunt for staff at the Chook: It continually serves up quality sushi at bantam prices.

Where else can you get five jumbo pieces of sushi for $3.80—aside from old Mr Fishy-pants at the docks.

Mr Goon recently introduced bento boxes and udon soup for the winter; previously the only hot dishes on offer were spring rolls, prawn tempura and miso.

We selected our favourite table in the petite outdoor area.

Nestled in the South Terrace Piazza space is at a premium, and this Japanese cafe looks like it has has emerged from a tumble dryer.

Journo David Bell ordered the AC/DC of Japanese cuisine—chicken katsu ($12).

“The coating on the chicken katsu was beautifully crispy giving way to the tender meat,” he said. “It’s not the finest cut of meat but for $12 its damned good value.

“It’s also served with a slew of extras like fresh salad with seaweed, tomato and avocado, sharp and bitey dumplings, a couple of pieces of sushi and a big helping of rice.”

In these days of iPhones and high specialisation there is something refreshing about a pair of chopsticks: two unpretentious bits of wood in perfect symmetry.

I could hear their clumsy clack as I ate my chicken teriyaki bento ($12)—the healthier cousin of katsu.

The moist chicken and light dipping sauce were delicious.

The waitress bustled out the doorway with our complimentary bowls of wasabi.

Mr Bell likes it hot, just like his miso soup ($1).

The miso in question is pretty darn good: Goon prepares a salty delight which is piping hot and fragrant.

It actually converted me to miso, because I used to think the cloudy broth tasted like seasoned dishwater.

Meanwhile, Chook ad man Simon was siphoning his udon noodle soup ($12).

“In my limited culinary experience, I’ve found udon noodles can sometimes vary from being a little bland to bland to quite bland,” he mused.

“Goon put a stop to that that with his delightful offering of fresh udon noodles in a hot, flavoursome broth with tempura seafood to boot.

“Perfect for a brisk day, this little heart-warmer succeeded in changing my mind and mood.”

The sushi is always fresh and tasty, with the tuna coming in at a ridiculous $3.80 and more sophisticated options—sashimi, salmon deluxe—only a few bucks more.

Goons is cheap, reliable and unpretentious—the Status Quo of sushi.

Sushi with Goons
u21/36 South Tce, Fremantle
9433 1064 

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