15. 26LETTERSShort n sharp
ARE they going to leave it like this?
Richard Bush
Alma St, Fremantle
The Ed says: Thankfully not. The Chook scratched around and found that WaterCorp was behind the ugly work near Fremantle Hospital, but manager Keith Cadee says it’s a temporary fix while sewers in the area are relined. Once the job’s finished—hopefully by the end of July—the area “will be reinstated to the same, if not better condition than it was previously”, he said.

Decay dismay
AS a resident of Fremantle for eight years I am dismayed at the decaying state of this once great city.
I live in the East End and when I walk into the city centre I am confronted by empty, decaying, graffitied buildings crying out for redevelopment.
I believe a large number are owned by the council. As store after store closes there are various accusations about greedy landlords being bandied about but the main reason these stores are failing is Fremantle no longer attracts enough visitors and shoppers.
To again become a bustling vibrant shopping hub the Fremantle hierarchy need to embrace change.
As developer after developer is driven out by the combined forces of the incumbent councillors, the Fremantle Society, the Greens and any number of “ save the …..” groups, more and more shops and buildings will be vacated, creating a ghetto where no shoppers or visitors or shoppers will venture.
Last week you headlined a story “Mayor blasts Pakenham hotel plan” and you quote him stating the proposed development is “unapprovable”.
This hostile attitude only serves to support the call for the creation of a Fremantle redevelopment authority, to remove the hysteria and emotion from decisions involving multi-million dollar developments that are desperately needed to revitalise Fremantle .
Anthony Brown
Elder Place, Fremantle

Stop the leaflets
SENATOR David Johnston you are wrong. Your leaflet is couched in falsehoods.
An absolute misrepresentation. The boat arrivals people are not illegal. They are refugees. And please consider the success of the Vietnamese boat refugees who have integrated into our community and contributed much. We are a big and wealthy country. And finally, please keep your bigoted and prejudiced views to yourself.
Barbara Darling
Louisa St, South Fremantle
The Ed says: Many thanks to Pedro Schwindt and Steve Sertis who wrote in with similar concerns about the leaflet. Lack of space means we can’t publish them all.

Skewered perspective
CAN someone please tell me why our first female prime minister has to be “skewered” (Herald, June 15, 2013).
A rather male (dare I say misogynistic) term to use in relation to interviewing or having a conversation with our PM I would have thought.
Dare I say our female PM has been “skewered” enough by our misogynistic society, men and women alike, in particular those men in the LNP who conveniently use the “honorary males” to make them “look good” in the public eye.
It is a truly sad state of affairs, and when this is all over and an analysis is done of the goings on over the past couple of years, Australia is not going to look good on the international stage.
The threatened little men around huffing and puffing and using the underlying misogynism in our society to denigrate and make the PM look incompetent, when in actual fact the reality is quite the opposite, are not going to look good at all.  It would seem there are a few people who need to get into reality, including our very myopic press.
Coralie Clarke
Forrest St, Fremantle

It’s the way
PEOPLE complain that Fremantle council does not listen to its ratepayers.
That’s how it’s been since councils began: You pay rates and taxes to keep them in office, and they say thank you very much and do as they like, in the end they get their way.
Well, if Freo comes to a sticky end as a nice place to visit, “just think” at least there will be free parking, but then, will you want to go there, unless you want to catch the train? Ah, but they may even shut down the station again as they did in the 1970s. You gotta smile. Do we really need local councils as well as state government?
J Farley
Butson St, Hilton

What’s the diff?
BRAD PETTITT and Simone McGurk say they fear a powerful, unelected Fremantle redevelopment authority will ride roughshod over local wishes (Herald, June 22, 2013). And the difference is?
Ratepayers have had  a $1.9 million skate plaza on the Esplanade Reserve, a concrete basketball court on Wilson park and a possible $6m debt for the warders’ cottages forced upon them without any consultation.
The council will tell you there has been consultation but why then do we have so many ratepayers concerned? Perhaps they are consulting the wrong people. Its stakeholders, not skateholders, who need to be consulted.
If you are a concerned ratepayer make sure you attend the special electors’ meeting on July 2 at the Town Hall at 7pm to voice your concerns.
Elena Monaco
Norfolk St, Fremantle

Where’s that Freo vibe?
I MOVED into Fremantle 12 months ago expecting to find a vibrant, thriving community but alas I was mistaken. Fremantle is but a shadow of the village I once enjoyed.
As I look at the layout of Fremantle I wonder whether the land currently occupied by the containers terminal on the north could be better used. I think to myself what a waste of valuable real estate!
Would the land not be better utilised as residential housing.
The area surrounding the passenger terminal seems to be used as a carpark most of the time. Again, I think what a waste of valuable real estate!
I propose a strategic plan be developed where:
a) provision is made for a cargo wharf in Kwinana (I believe at one stage such a port was proposed by Len Buckeridge). The containers and cars that currently come through the existing port will be focused through the Kwinana complex. Using existing road / rail infrastructure with minor modifications.
b) the north side of the harbour will then become available for residential development. The residential development is open for community discussion (eg, exclusive single residential or multi-storey Gold Coast type developments).
c) The passenger terminal on the south side be redeveloped into something akin to Darling Harbour in Sydney or Southport in Brisbane
The benefits of this plan are many, including the town centre will again become the focus of people’s entertainment, existing rail / road infrastructure can be easily modified, heavy haulage traffic will not have to clog arterial roads such as Leach Hwy, Carrington St, Hampton Rd, Stirling Hwy etc, the already increasing population density of the southern Fremantle corridor (South Beach, Coogee, etc) means the south side of Fremantle will become “the centre” of town.
John Tassicker
Marine Tce, Fremantle

Let death be peaceful
I TOTALLY agree with what Roel Loopers (Herald letters, June 15, 2013) has to say about euthanasia.
I believe he has great insight on a lot of issues. I would not hesitate to go to the Netherlands, or give my blessing to whoever wants to end their pain and suffering by choosing this end.
There was a wonderful documentary on SBS some time ago. Incredibly moving to watch an elderly man end his suffering, dying peacefully in his wife’s arms.
A Beautiful Death
In the arms of a soul mate.
A loved one.
Anticipation and fear.
Excitement and fear.
Clarity and fear.
Sleepiness no fear.
A beautiful death.
The beginning.
Terry Bugeja
Poole Pl, Mosman Park

Practising freedom
AS a former Law and Arts student at Notre Dame I read with interest Ella Wiskiewski’s letter (Herald, June 15, 2013), “Made unwelcome in my place of learning”.
First, I wouldn’t think it was the university’s intention to make anyone feel unwelcome, people of all faiths and persuasions attend Notre Dame and realistically, they can’t predict or control each person’s reactions.
But secondly, since when have universities been required to make people feel in their comfort zone: isn’t it the very nature of universities to challenge the status quo? Notre Dame would have failed in its role as a Christian place of learning to be “salt and light” if it did not raise the Judeo-Christian standard of upholding heterosexual marriage as God’s original and ultimate design and the Biblical blueprint for such unions.
I’m not judging or condemning people with same-sex attractions, I’m not your judge, only Jesus is. But as a Christian I can’t condone what God doesn’t. He loves us all as we are and no sin is worse than another, but every sin will keep us out of heaven, so why should homosexuality expect to get a free pass?
I can’t really agree with Ella’s assesment that promoting John Finnis, “a staunch Catholic with an attitude of thinly veiled disgust towards homosexuals”( Ella’s words) is “hypocritical”. This is a Catholic University for heaven’s sake. It would be hypocritical if it had banned him in an effort to placate same-sex lobbyists, who don’t agree with him. And yes, as a Catholic university it is entitled to, “ban certain student associations whose views are.. incompatible with those of the university”.
Can you imagine a university or any place in Afghanistan or Iraq for example, allowing a student association that promoted Israel and anti-Muslim ideals? Hardly. So why be offended by a Catholic university supporting Catholic values, that don’t accommodate your particular views?
At least in Australia, you’re perfectly entitled to set up your own centre of learning to promote your own views—that is freedom of speech.
But one person who always wants to hear from us all is Jesus, he cares where we’ve been and what’s happened to us and he has our best in mind, but it is a two-way conversation.
Michelle Meyers
Cranford Ave, Brentwood

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