13. 31LETTERSPlodding along
WELL, we may have lots of police parking bays in Fremantle (High Street in particular), and I presume they get them for free, but on Tuesday night there were no police in Fremantle when a drunk was throwing stuff inside the Millennium cinema.
The police call centre (no police there either, only “trained admin staff”) wouldn’t accept a call from the cinema manager so while we waited for police to come the man just staggered off on the slowest getaway you’ll ever see.
Comical if it wasn’t so distressing to my pregnant wife.
The police call centre wouldn’t accept the call from the cinema manager because the man “had left”. The police need really slow-moving thugs these days!
I called the Fremantle police station (24-hours you know): No police there either, but another nice “trained” man to chit-chat with. Lovely.
So all you thugs out there, can you please only come to Fremantle weekend evenings, and bring a snack to keep you going while you wait for police to show up.
We went home after an hour of no-show and went to bed. The thug may be in bed too by the time police show.
We’ll review our visiting times to Fremantle in future.
Michael Willicombe
Chudleigh St, Fremantle 

Nein! Nyet!
NO! Fremantle will not amalgamate with Melville.
We are unique, historic, and we do not want the character of Fremantle altered to cater for Barnett’s developer cronies. We enjoy this lifestyle which is wonderful.  Make sure your vote indicates our intention to retain Fremantle as it is.
It isn’t as if amalgamating would provide cheaper rates, they intend to hike our rates, to cover Barnett’s WA deficit, currently $9 billion and will reach $20 billion by 2014.
So say no to amalgamation, say no to Barnett and the Liberals, and stop him also closing Fremantle hospital.
If he can’t financially manage WA he doesn’t deserve to be premier.
In Queensland they are selling schoolyards to developers—it’s all about greed. So let’s all say no! no! no! to amalgamation and fight by withholding our rates should Barnett get this through. Alternatively, protest and retain our heritage, beautiful Fremantle. Melville cannot cater for Fremantle’s character and heritage background, nor would it support it.
We will see the developers moving in and over-riding the retention of our heritage buildings. We could also see him pulling down the workers’ cottages near the Sail and Anchor to make a shopping mall for his cronies, the developers.
Please act now and stop this. We will not amalgamate. We will stay Fremantle, and we will fight this.
Carmel Callaghan
High St, Fremantle

Boom boom
APPARENTLY the condition of the roof of the Fremantle Pavilion (Herald, July 27, 2013) is unknown as no-one at South Fremantle knows how to climb a ladder.

Too many pooch parks
HOW many parks do dog owners need? How about the people?
Council rates records reveal there are 12,613 residential properties in Fremantle. There are 8363 dogs registered, 2539 in the postcodes of 6160 and 6162 alone.
The council has 19 dog exercise areas for the 8363 registered dogs and an unknown number of unregistered dogs and those from other areas.
The current status for the Esplanade reserve is dogs must be on a leash at all times, but now this under threat.
I fiercely oppose this latest dog exercise shenanigan (off-the-leash from midnight until 9am) on the basis dog owners have many, many options for the enjoyment of their dogs but we humans don’t.
There are many families who will be early users of the park and now they will have to contend with even more disruption and a certain level of danger.
I walk at South Beach regularly and there is not one occasion when I don’t experience total disregard for the “dog-free” area, including the beach—surely the only one we have here exclusively for humans. Now we are contemplating making it easier again for dog owners. For goodness sake, what is enough for dog owners?
Fremantle council does not have enough money to patrol most of the areas it should. This latest absurdity will be no different and should not be allowed.
Mattie Turnbull
Daly Street, South Fremantle

Rule of 3
AS an extreme pessimist I can confidently predict three things coming from Barnett’s council amalgamations: our rates will increase substantially, the CEOs and officials will award themselves large pay rises and the Fremantle library will close due to “economies of scale”. The only people who will look forward to these amalgamations will be property developers.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra 

They’re illegal
I CONSIDER you are letting down the profession of journalism when you continue to publicly lambast and ridicule contributors to these columns whose views do not coincide with your own naive myopic opinions on contentious matters.
Last week you unfairly berated Matthew Hanssen and Bob Loftus for daring to question the billions that Australia spends on overseas aid and for describing the thousands of unauthorised persons who arrive by old fishing boats as illegal immigrants.
Some salient facts seemed to have escaped your attention. It is generally accepted that all persons arriving from war-torn countries are eligible to be considered as refugees. However, it has also been established that an increasing number arriving on the boats are economic refugees—not humanitarian.
They are correctly termed illegal immigrants because they have purposely destroyed their official identification documents after leaving their last safe haven in the full knowledge it is illegal to cross country borders without them. They have been well-schooled in these evasive tactics and have purposely chosen to act unlawfully.
While the government continues to shower them with welfare payments and myriad other perks—handouts that can only be dreamt of by our own disadvantaged, a few thousand dollars is a small price to pay so their families can live indefinitely in comparative luxury without any need to work, all provided by the dwindling numbers of Aussie taxpayers. Unfortunately our nation’s compassion is being treated with contempt by cultures that prey on others’ weaknesses.
While you and others support those who have used money to unfairly impose themselves on our weak immigration control system to the detriment of those genuine refugees waiting patiently in camps and complying with established lawful process, indicates you have allowed misguided emotions to override your respect for both international and Australian laws.
With our shambolic immigration policy being used as a political football, the situation is not helped when the media let emotion get in the way of facts. I will understand why you may chose not to publish this letter, but if you do, please spare me the usual sarcastic footnote dished out to those contributors whose views do not concur with your own.
Daryl Binning
Norton Ridge, Winthrop
The Ed says: It’s just factually wrong to refer to asylum seekers as illegal immigrants (particularly given 90 per cent who are processed are found to be genuine refugees—the other 10 per cent are sent back). And every time someone says it, they should be pulled up on it.

Lucky Local
JUST wanted to say—I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful local newspaper, but more importantly a great team of people behind it.
Thank you all so much for your efforts towards my advertising.
Rob & Ary
The Local Cafe
Paget St, Hilton

No integrity
THERE are no other words for it. Premier Colin Barnett has lost all integrity. Before the state election the premier was adamant he would not force local councils to merge. He even wrote it in his Cottesloe newsletter. But a few months on, while not having a mandate to do so, state cabinet forces councils to merge against their wishes.
The outrage across most councils will hopefully see a legal challenge so local elected members in close consultation with local communities can continue to make good decisions based on local knowledge, instead of massive mega-councils going easy on property developers. Mister Barnett you are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself!
Roel Loopers
Stokes St, White Gum Valley

Colin carved up
WE asked our Facebook fans whether they agreed with Colin Barnett’s council carve-up. Here’s a selection:
Richard Wells: “I agree with the merger, Fremantle council lost its way a long time ago, so many closed shops, restrictive parking. Just not the nice place it used to be. The council is mostly to blame. Look at the old wool stores, a small group of narrow minded fools stopped progress with the help of council, and now well its all dead or dying.”
Greg Payne: “No I don’t melville shut some of its social programs unlike fremantle have kept theirs and have opened more. Melville wants increase population by taking parts of east and southern suburbs including bibra lake.”
Andy Duke: “No. There is no good argument for the separation of the urban central area. There could easily be one single local government authority. This would ensure that the proposed benefits could be realised and could even be legislated for. The preservation of a local cultural delineation is actually easier to achieve when the local authority is not under financial strain to increase rateable land values.”
Head to Facebook, “like” the Fremantle Herald (official page) and you can have your say too.

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