Mauling charges

08. 34NEWSA Bicton woman whose tiny dog was savagely mauled before her eyes by a bull mastiff says she could  have been attacked next if not for the actions of a passer-by. She has contacted the Herald in the hope of being able to thank her rescuer, whom she knows only as Lorraine.

Valerie Preston, 61, (pictured, above) had been enjoying a morning walk with toy poodle Poppy in Angove Lane when the big dog lunged.

“It was suddenly upon us and leapt onto her chest, sinking his teeth into her chest and shook her violently,” Ms Preson recalls, still shaken by the June 3 attack.

“This woman got hold of the dog and shoved it into a yard, which wasn’t easy because it had no collar. She the ran to the next property to phone the ranger: “She was marvellous and I have no doubt this big dog would’ve had attacked me if I’d had my dog in my arms. I have not been able to let you know how grateful I was to have you there. It was extremely frightening and distressing.”

The 12-year-old poodle sustained four broken vertebra and puncture wounds. Unable to feed herself or toilet unassisted, she was euthanised three weeks later.

Despite the dog’s owner being charged with offences under the Dog Act, and the bull mastiff now declared a dangerous dog, Ms Preston remains concerned it may strike again.

“It’s a real concern because the attack was near Bicton pools, where kids are coming and going. The walkway is a common walkway for people.

“I have been incredibly shaken by it and have had quite a number of anxious moments.”

Melville council CEO Shayne Silcox says the dog’s owner will front court September 3 and faces a $10,000 fine if convicted: “The dog has also been declared a dangerous dog, which imposes conditions including the dog be muzzled in public places, signs on property indicating a dangerous dog exists and the dog to be on a lead at all times in public,” he says. “The dog resides in Serpentine-Jarrahdale and was visiting a property in Bicton at the time of the attack.”


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