Kaving a niche

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Skid marks were left on the road as I swerved into a parking bay outside Kava Cafe in Bicton.

It was Father’s Day and finding a table for an impromptu lunch had been proving difficult, so spotting seating for four on the footpath—and a parking bay—I wasn’t taking chances.

Passengers were only mildly ruffled by the warp-speed parking. A very pleasant glass of vino from the well-priced wine list soon settled their nerves.

If it hadn’t been Father’s Day I may well have driven on, because I’d lunched at Kava a few weeks previously and had left rather underwhelmed with both the food and service.

Both Brian (visiting from Tasmania) and Andrew rave about the place so I was keen to see if my experience had been an anomaly. I’m pleased to report it was. Despite Kava being busy the food was good and the service excellent—pleasant, friendly and efficient. And I was impressed the waiter remembered the order without writing it down.

I poked my head inside the cafe to check out the decor: Simple, comfy, a little rustico perhaps. Plenty of seating (and everyone loves to get the bench seats first, leaving the chairs for the gallant, or those not swift enough). The woodfired oven takes centre stage behind the counter, sending the message loud and clear that woodfired pizzas are the bread and butter.

No pizzas for us today, though. We ladies opted for toasted Turkish bread ($13.50), one vegie the other with chicken. The vegie was a delicious mix of chunks of baked pumpkin, capsicum, onion and salads—with a pleasing, oily dressing.

My mate’s was similar, but with tender, tasty chicken slices instead of pumpkin.

One of the boys went for the Asian noodles ($24.50 vegetarian).

I’d had the same previously and thought it bland but on this day it packed a flavoursome punch.

The fourth member of the crew had the chicken, bacon and lettuce burger ($19.50), a monster mouthful with flame-grilled chicken and crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato in a tasty bun.

The pavement ambience was so pleasant we were in no hurry to move on, so we checked out the plentiful array of sweets, ordering a couple of berry friands ($4.50), a huge biscuit ($2) and a florentine ($4.50), all of which went down a treat. As did the earl grey tea ($4.90 pot) and the very good coffees ($4).

With mum recently moving in around the corner, I can see Kava becoming a regular haunt.

Kava Cafe
39 Bristol Ave, Bicton (near the corner of Preston Point Rd)
open Tues–Sun for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Phone 9319 1669

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