Garden City set to double in size

A new high street, piazza, and “atmosphere and vibrancy” are promised in a new structure plan for Booragoon.

The draft plan is being readied to pave the way for the $400 million redevelopment of Garden City. Owner AMP Capital Investors is planning to double the supercentre to 120,000sqm.

The plan covers Garden City and its surrounds, including Melville’s civic centre, and proposes:

• a new high street with high end retail, cafes and restaurants

• a new piazza and community hub with the library, community centre and meeting spaces;

• more mixed commercial/residential uses and higher density housing;

• “more atmosphere and vibrancy”.

The council has pointed out (in capital letters) the plan doesn’t mean “your property will be resumed” or “your house will be demolished,” stressing the structure plan’s just a guideline.

There are two information sessions about the plan on October 10 and 14 at Melville HQ. Call 1300 635 845 for info and to RSVP.

In February the council asked residents what they’d like to see more of in the city centre. There were mixed responses on the “We’re Listening Melville” website.

“Nothing—this complex is already too big, resulting in traffic congestion, parking problems, and it sucks the life out of smaller shopping centres in other suburbs within the city,” one person posted. Another called it a “horror development” and asked for an end to the spread of concrete.

Others called Garden City “a great attraction” or said more after-hours dining and evening activities would be a goer. Improved public transport was a huge issue for the car-strangled suburb.


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