Time disappears

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Glancing at my watch I was stunned to see it was almost four o’clock.

Had a black hole sucked up four hours of my life?

Or was it a combination of the charisma of Charisma Cafe, and catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for awhile.

It’s the sign of a good friendship when you can pick right up where you left off with no awkward warm up time, and my mate and I do like to natter.

The conversation was as eclectic and warm as the cafe and its menu.

We free-ranged over family, relationships, work (she’s a former colleague so plenty to say there), books and films.

The cafe’s menu is equally free-wheeling, ranging from the (slightly) more expensive blackboard specials, such as grilled barramundi ($22) or calamari and mushroom salad—to a huge range of well-priced delights from the cabinet.

Myriad pies and pasties glistened next to Turkish bread, bursting with crisp salads and a variety of meats, while a selection of quiches jostle for a place alongside some mouth-watering salads.

I opted for a slice of vegetable pie. With salad it was a very reasonable $15, especially for its gargantuan size.

Flavoursome pastry encased a mind-boggling array of vegetables for a deliciously filling meal, while the salads were superb especially the beetroot and candied walnut one.

My mate had the salmon pattie ($13.50 with salad).

She loved the salads, especially the chicken and cashew one, but felt the huge pattie lacked oomph, and was way too big.

Mouths dry from all that talking, we eventually ordered hot drinks, and of course we had to have cake.

I couldn’t go past a lemon slice ($3.50) while my choc-o-holic companion had a chocolate version ($3.50).

Both were delicious, although the lemon one could have been a little sharper, but the stand out winner was my mate’s with its soft crumbly texture, threaded through with a rich scattering of gooey chocolate.

The service was excellent, and even though we were the last customers sitting, there was no sense of wanting us to get a move on.

Charisma Cafe
18a Hislop Road, Attadale
Phone 9317 1192
open Mon–Fri breakfast and lunch   

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