13. 40LETTERSIgnoring emails
MELVILLE city councillor Nicole Foxton states “I have lived in the area my whole life, have a lot of local knowledge and know a lot of people who trust me”.
Well, not me, councillor. I believe trust must be earned and this can best be done by representing your constituents adequately by promptly replying to emails.
If you had been as prompt addressing our concerns as you were putting your hand up for a 400 per cent salary increase you would have had my vote.
Mike Meerwald
Gillette Dr, Kardinya

Bypassing facts
MY opponent in the council election, Rebecca Aubrey, has released an election leaflet stating: “The current City Ward Councillor has repeatedly voted against the Bypass”.
I have never voted against the “Bypass”. The “Bypass”—the Fremantle Eastern Bypass—was actually cancelled in the early 2000s by the state government. My term of office as councillor only commenced in 2009. Therefore I could not have voted against the “bypass”.
Also, Ms Aubrey appears to be unaware the correct name for the proposed highway is Roe Highway extension stage 8 (often shortened to Roe 8) and not the two names she has used, “Roe 7 extension” and the “Roe Bypass”.
The state government needs to work towards a collaborative solution for the Roe Highway extension (stage 8) to ensure the right financial and environmental balance is achieved satisfactory to our community before proceeding.
Cr Effie Nicholson

Left right out?
HAVING noticed the overwhelming left-wing bias of your paper, I wonder if you get any public money?
If you do, perhaps you should be willing to present other viewpoints? There are lots of journalists who do not believe in socialist/green ideology and I think it would make for a more representative and more interesting paper.
Also, why do you write often ill-mannered replies to letters from the public? These people are very often merely exercising the right of reply to opinions you have expressed. To add to a sour postscript looks mean-spirited and bullying.
However, I offer you a chance to be fair and balanced. On election day our poster of Liberal candidate Matthew Hanssen had the words “cheesy _unt” scrawled across his photo.
Come to our house, photograph the poster and do a story for your paper on the hysterical anti-conservative bias among non-conservatives.
Perhaps a follow-up story about the obscene, nasty, man-hating comments about Tony Abbott appearing on the internet? Check the internet comments on Rudd and Gillard from conservatives and you will have a great story about the emotional states and behavioural boundaries of the two sides of politics.
James Hagan
Montreal St, Fremantle
The Ed says: James, perhaps you missed last week’s story covering the attacks on Mr Hanssen during his mayoral campaign, and his response? Funnily enough, our coverage of him had lefties complaining we were favouring the conservatives—perhaps they missed our profile the week before of his opponent Brad Pettitt. The moral of the story—never miss an edition of the Chook. And no, no public funding.

Shock blogger
ROEL LOOPERS, former Fremantle Society president, seems to be suffering from a nasty case of hypocrisy.
Last week, in his blog, which he claims is the most popular in Freo, he chastised the person or persons who had defaced mayoral candidate Matthew Hanssen’s poster by depicting the candidate as Hitler, saying this is unacceptable and that he,  Loopers, did not agree with such behaviour, saying it was unacceptable.
He has now—as reported in the Herald (September 28, 2013)—personally accused the candidate of behaving like a Nazi!
Thank heavens we don’t have to deal with Mr Loopers as a candidate, as he’d earlier promised.
Roger Garwood
McCleery St, Beaconsfield

Four who listen to locals
I AM just so happy the community has managed to so far stop the proposed monstrosity at 94 Kitchener Road, that I feel I have to make sure everyone is aware how grateful we all should be for the invaluable assistance and encouragement from four of our councillors.
Personally, I found Effie Nicholson, Nicholas Pazolli, June Barton and Susanne Taylor-Rees to be true representatives of the community and not at all preoccupied with self-aggrandisement nor personal goals.
I think we are very lucky to have four such dedicated representatives. So, “thank you” to the fab four. Unfortunately, I believe Nick and Susanne are not standing for re-election, however I sincerely hope Effie and June will continue to serve the community as they have done in the past.
Let’s hope other councillors are ready and willing to put the community first, as we all know these two do.
David Hulbert
Mullings Way, Myaree
The Ed says: Don’t panic Dave, Crs Pazolli and Taylor-Rees aren’t running because their terms don’t expire for another two years.

Not kidding around
RECENTLY we participated in Parking Day, where people all around the world transform normal metred parking spots into temporary public parks.
We brought three baby goats and hung out outside New Edition. Tim and I made a sand sculpture on Market Street outside Gino’s. Three other temporary public parks “popped” up around Freo.
We had a lovely day with most people giving the baby goats some love and attention before asking “why are you doing this?” After we explained the idea people loved it, and no-one complained all day.
Until Brad Pettit our mayor dropped in. Some lady wandered past and shouted, “you won’t be content until all the parking bays are gone will you Brad!” (or something like that).
She did not stop, just shouted her comment and sort of ran off. It was actually pretty aggressive (even the goats felt a bit upset).
Brad took it in his stride, but I was quite annoyed. Our mayor is a public official and due a level of respect even if you disagree with him. “Hit and run” is not only disrespectful, but gutless. In my 10 years as a school principal I was yelled at a few times, but each time the person hung around to discuss the issue.
I then started thinking about parking in Freo. I acknowledge it is an issue for business in Freo, and I also know we need to get more people out of cars and onto public transport, walking and cycling. So what if we thought of ways to encourage both?
What about a 10 per cent discount if you came into town with a bus ticket? What about bike racks sponsored by businesses, what about refunding train tickets if you spend more than $50. What about free coffees with a lunch if you wear your bike helmet inside?
Hey, what about having a Parking Day each Saturday with artists sponsored by businesses and our council, so we make the parking issues a feature of Freo?
People might hop on the train to come here, knowing there will be place making examples in our city every weekend.
I don’t know…it was just a thought.
Shani Graham and Tim Darby
Livingston St, Beaconsfield

No show a deal breaker
WHEN I heard that there was going to be a public debate between the candidates running for Fremantle mayor I booked a babysitter and kept the night clear so my husband and I could go and hear for ourselves what the candidates wanted to say about their ideas and hopes for the city.
I am writing this on Wednesday evening, back at home after the “debate” and I am sad to say I was only able to hear one of the two candidates express his ideas and thoughts this evening.
The other person (who I can only assume would hope I will vote for him) did not make an appearance.
That person is Matthew Hanssen, and if he is not prepared to come along and take part in a public debate, how am I supposed to know if I can see merit in any of his ideas for the city I live in? Reading a brief flier which I picked up off a deli counter the other day is not the same as being able to hear him actually speak his mind and see how he responds to questions and real discussions.
I want to be shown someone is competent, intelligent, switched on and worthy of my vote before I give it to them. I was tired by 6pm today after a day at work. I could easily have just flopped down on the couch and not gone out at all. But I headed into Fremantle because I agree with the whole concept of candidates fronting up and respecting electors enough to attend a public debate.
Maybe they will get some tricky questions, maybe they will get some criticism from people who don’t like everything they say—well, for goodness sake, anyone who hopes to enter into a public role such as mayor of a city needs to have a thick skin because that is going to be part of the job. Good days, bad days, you will need to cop it all if you want people to be prepared to put their faith in you.
I heard this evening about many of the various, well-thought out developments that are either being constructed now or are right on the horizon for Fremantle, such as some new hotels and apartments that will bring more people into the city, and about a new restaurant on Pakenham Street (which I tried afterwards, enjoying a delicious meal in a really gorgeous setting).
As it is Brad Pettitt who has been leading the council as mayor for the past four years, that’s who I will be voting for to guide my city through the next crucial four years.
I saw at tonight’s debate he has vision, belief and passion for Fremantle. For anyone who is thinking they probably won’t get around to voting, I ask, please do, and think carefully about what will happen if someone with a lack of vision and no solid, in-depth plans for our city manages to gain power simply from people not taking a moment to fill out their ballot form and pop it in the mail.
My view on Matthew Hanssen has come from reading his flier—I wasn’t able to try and get a better impression of him from the debate tonight as he chose not to be there. I think it will be very sad if Fremantle ends up with an uninspiring mayor for four long years, who has gained power largely due to people not taking a few moments to exercise their valuable right to a vote.
Emma Anda
Wood St, Fremantle

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