Greens land hunters

• Rod Murray wants this pro-hunting billboard in South Fremantle to come down, saying it promotes the use of guns in WA.

• Rod Murray wants this pro-hunting billboard in South Fremantle to come down, saying it promotes the use of guns in WA.

“I almost died when I saw it,” was Rod Murray’s reaction to a giant billboard promoting hunting, which has gone up in South Fremantle.

The billboard at the corner of South Terrace and Little Lefroy Lane, “electrician by day, hunter by choice” features a young man, “John”, brandishing a high-powered rifle,with an insert portraying him in his day job as an electrician.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia makes no apologies for erecting the advertisement—the only one in WA—in the heart of hippy-green South Freo.

The SSAA is locked in a battle with the Greens, which wants semi-automatic handguns banned. SSAA publicist Rachael Andrews says the location was recommended by WA chapter president Ron Bryant, who works on the Fremantle docks. Mr Bryant did not return calls before deadline.

Ms Andrews says the poster aims to show that hunters are people we come across every day, in all walks of life.

“To show that it is not a fringe part of Australian life, but it’s everywhere.”

She acknowledges some will be upset, particularly parents, but notes movie posters depicting gun-toting heroes are more dangerous—and a concern to the association. To make the point, she notes the most recent James Bond poster showed the 007 character taking aim at an unseen adversary.

“We are talking about firearms in a safe environment, a supervised environment—that is not the same as the glorifying of firearms in movies where it’s being aimed at people.”

Mr Murray, a former South Fremantle precinct convenor, believes the billboard contravenes advertising standards and wants it taken down.

“Are they trying to be like the NRA in America? That’s all we need—the Republican lunatic mob moving in.”

He is passionately opposed to guns, his aunt having been murdered in Broome by his uncle using a hunting rifle. Mr Murray says the murder tore the family apart.

Ms Andrews says city people require education about hunting and its importance to country folk. She recently attended a Red Card for Red Fox hunt in Wandering in the wheatbelt, where farmers open up their properties to hunters seeking foxes and cats, and says she’s “never been anywhere where there’s been so many hunters in one spot”.

She dismisses the Greens’ concerns about semi-automatic handguns, saying they are rigidly controlled and it can take up to two years to get a licence. Magazines are restricted to holding 10 bullets.

But local Greens MP Lynn MacLaren isn’t convinced. While she hadn’t seen the billboard and didn’t want to tread on the association’s right to free speech, she says people expressing concern is a healthy reaction.

“With the billboards it would be a concern if they were to promote a gun culture,” she says. “In terms of hunting in the wetlands, I think the wetlands are under pressure and I’d be looking at ways to protect them and create more rather than killing what’s there,” she told the Herald.


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  1. While I am sympathetic to Rod Murray’s background and story, it’s interesting how we never hear of anyone who has lost a family member in a road accident complaining and campaigning about car adverts.

    I think people do need to realise that hunting is a valid and appropriate activity especially in areas where our wildlife is threatened from introduced species. Hopefully this sign might encourage people to think about things rather than just listening to rhetoric and scare-mongering.

  2. Rod Murray definately has a legitmate concern, his aunty was murdered by her husband with a gun. My friend was killed by a drunk driver, so I think we should ban all guns AND all motor vehicles.
    People just can’t be trusted.

    • Good point roimon 13. I have lost many friends in cars involving alcohol. We should also ban all cars and alcoholic drinks.
      We would all be much safer if we just walked and drank water.

  3. Alcohol kills more every year but somehow that’s fine to advertise literally everywhere….. Well Done SSRA! Seems the Greens are pushing personal agendas rather than becoming informed and educated representatives….. perhaps we should show the carnage left behind by feral cats foxes and pigs? At least this advertising is informative, respectful and enlightening.

  4. The ignorance of many city people including Greens MP Lynn MacLaren is a real concern. The Greens are not acting in the best interests of our native wildlife with their policy to ban all recreational hunting. Instead they want to spend tax dollars on professionals using 1080 poison which is a horrific method of killing any animal, and can kill non target species.
    The use of emotive terms such as “high powered rifle” is designed to promote fear of the tools hunters use. Use of inadequate rifles for the target species causes wounding and suffering instead of an instant kill. Hunters respect the fact that not everyone likes hunting but we don’t accept the uninformed opinions of those who seek to ban our pastime.

    • Erudite ! my respects to you Sambo. 1080 is indeed horrific, a lot of these city folks are blissfully unaware of what it is and how it works. A single shot to despatch the animal INSTANTLY is so much more humane than the suffering caused by baits.

  5. Mr Murray’s comment “Are they trying to be like the NRA in America? That’s all we need—the Republican lunatic mob moving in.”
    Is very unprofessional and i wonder if he has even been to the USA let alone a NRA event to meet the people he is passing judgement on.
    Seems he has a personal vendetta at a tool that was used poorly. My brother was killed by someone drunk. We should ban alcohol.


  6. While I agree it is in the heart of the Freo ” hippy ” cultural centre the message should be recognised by the fringe movement. This man depicted is in fact a conservationist in as much as he is doing his best to eradicate feral and introduced species from the Australian natural environment. He should be congratulated , I doubt the majority of ” green thinkers ” ever actually DO ANYTHING to resolve the problem other than paying money to a charity and feeling good about it .
    As for the Greens response , well I see that as typical , they are a dangerous breed and counter productive to actually allowing issues to be resolved in the environment.
    I do feel for the gentleman who’s family member was killed by a firearm that is incredibly sad news , was the person licensed to the gun or was it an illegal firearm ? By the same token we should ban cars , alcohol , knives , bats , bricks and similar. The emotive state a firearm provokes is indeed large but the amount of harm caused by firearms is paled into insignificance when looking at other forms of ‘ weapons “.
    75% of murders occur with a knife ( Aust institute of criminology 20011/12 ) , of that number 75% occur in a house or dwelling attached to a house. Which is strange as the house or attachment is where the guns are kept ? so harm is caused but the first tool is not a firearm.

    Don’t let go of your freedoms West Australians , before you know it the simplest of past times will be heavily regulated. Look back through history to the heavily regulated countries……. not a good part of history,

  7. Whilst having empathy for Mr Murray’s family tragedy, it is clear that it is not the tools people use to commit violence that at fault. It is a far more complex issue than that…
    My family have been involved in shooting as sport for several generations, and as a very proud mother of adult children who enjoy target shooting with their Dad, I must say that it is a valid and satisfying pastime and sporting activity.
    I fully support the SSAA in its campaign to bring some reason and positivity to the very one-sided “gun debate”.

  8. I think Mr Murray needs to come to terms with what happened in his family. As much as it is hard to lose any family member, to have them taken suddenly at the hands of someone else is even worse but at no point did the hunting rifle jump up of it’s own accord and decide to kill someone. He should be blaming his uncle 100%, not inanimate objects. The murder sounds like it is being used to justify his personal beliefs and just happens to conveniently tie in to what he is trying to sell. To me, that doesn’t show respect to his Aunt, it makes him a user.

  9. Last time I checked I thought we lived in a DEMOCRACY, Mr Murray, just because law abiding firearm owners don’t happen to fit your model of a society it doesn’t give you the right to demand others conform to your idealogy

  10. Lynn Mclaren; “… I think the wetlands are under pressure and I’d be looking at ways to protect them and create more rather than killing what’s there.” You protect what’s there by removing the threat, greens aren’t exactly know for their intelligence when it comes to environmental management. They would be happy to see all introduced pests flourish. On a recent trip to a national park i saw a sign that read “let it grow”, encouraging visitors to stay on the bitumen path, mean while, wild pigs were seen trampling any attempt by a seedling to grow.

  11. Mr Murray I take offence at being referred to as a lunatic mob, shooters are in the community and all we are ask is the right to pursue our interests in a society acceptable way.

    n. Irrational, morbid fear of guns (coined by Col. Jeff Cooper, from the Greek “hoplites,” weapon). May cause sweating, faintness, discomfort, rapid pulse, nausea, sleeplessness, more, at mere thought of guns. Hoplophobes are common and should never be involved in setting gun policies. Point out hoplophobic behavior when noticed, it is dangerous, sufferers deserve pity, and should seek treatment. When confronted, hoplophobes typically go into denial, a common characteristic of the affliction. Often helped by training, or by coaching at a range, a process known to psychiatry as “desensitization,” often useful in treating many phobias. Also: Hoplophobe, hoplophobic.

  13. SSAA, you already have adequate shooting rights and you don’t need hand guns to shoots foxes and rabbits. Hand guns are used to kill and threaten people and should stay with the police only, NOT with criminals, the mentally disturbed and those involved in domestic violence. I grew up on a farm with licensed guns and personally experienced the damage caused by gun threats, hunting accidents and suicide. (My mother died when I was 8 years old) Your decision to place your advertisement in South Fremantle is offensive to me and will hopefully “back fire” and remind Australians, both urban and rural, to block your attempt for American style gun laws.

    • American style gun laws?? If you think that’s why Australian shooters are upset with the lack of understanding shown by “the ignorant sheep” in this country just recently then you are clearly 110% out of touch with what the SSAA and its members want. The bottom line is that honest, law-abiding sporting shooters and hunters want a fair go in relation to the squeeze that’s being unfairly leveled at our feet by Greens and Anti’s, and for absolutely no justifiable reason! Half of which I dare say wouldn’t be able to obtain a firearms license because the tests on them would come back as certified”nutjob”. Nobody here wants American style laws, but we’re getting sick and tired of having our freedoms slyly undermined by people who are more than happy to sit on their hands in the name of conservation and do nothing proactive – except whinge! There should be more of these billboards to promote and encourage new shooters to a sensational hobby/lifestyle.

    • Handguns are excellent tools for self-defense, and there is a subset of specialized ones for hunting. If you find freedom of speech “offensive”, you need to grow up, or get counseling.

    • So you are offended by a poster? I am offended by your bigotry. You’ll take no notice of me and I hope no-one is silly enough to take notice of you. What are American style gun laws? Conversely, while no-one needs to hunt with handguns, there are numerous parts of the world where hunting occurs with handguns with no detrimental effect except that a few loopies like you are piqued. I shot self-loading rifles from joining the army cadets in 1971 until 1996 and hurt no-one. Nor did I with my car or any other implement. Take your offence and your pique and rule someone else’s life please. I am in favour of strict controls of who has firearms but once you have demonstrated stability and character, then what you own should be nobodys decision but your own. I do not regulate you. Kindly refrain from telling me what I should do.

      • Well said! Seems like these fools want to stick their noses in everyone elses business. How about we get bushwalkers banned from National Parks? Unless of course they are “professional” bushwalkers and not amateurs and have passed eye, ear and navigational map reading tests and pay an annual levy before they get lost in there and we have to get a taxpayer funded chopper to pull them out dead or alive. Lets see how “offended” they get when we make ridiculous statements about them. Regulating bushwalking is all about their safety remember! They should also be forced to wear fluoro colours so they are easy to spot from a chopper and snake garters and carry no less than 10ltrs of fresh drinking water and a bag of medical supplies – just to be extra safe!

  14. Sympathy to Mr Murray, I have lost two people in my life to firearms, one murdered on took their own life, and I have had on 5 occasions had a gun pulled on me with one discharging. But I understand a firearm is simply an implement, I still own firearms after what happened to me, and I still use them every week at the range and several times a year hunting. If Mr Murrays aunt was murdered with a knife would he be calling for the banning of all knife ads and home shopping shows, I think not. I hope he isn’t disrespecting his aunt’s death by using to help push his own agenda.

  15. Typical black and white thinking – paint something as bad, and then just assume everyone agrees. Hunting is a healthy outdoor activity which is extremely safe as long as you dont do anything stupid……. just like many other activities…. shall we ban skydiving because people die? Motorsports? Sailing?

  16. I laughed long and hard at how they described the young man as “brandishing” a “high powered rifle”.
    Whilst I”m sympathetic to Mr Murrays circumstance, what would’ve happened had his uncle killed his aunty with a kitchen knife? Or ran her over?

  17. The NRA is not a Republican organization, its a Civil Rights organization that has member across the entire Political spectrum, and yes I’m a member of the NRA.
    Mr.Murray, let me give you a little history lesson on why the NRA was formed.
    After the Civil War Gen. Ambrose Burnside went on a good will mission across Europe and Australia, back when Guns were legal in these places and discovered that we Americans were far behind on our Skills as Rifleman and he was disturbed by this and felt if we ever had to fight a war overseas we would get our rear ends kicked and look really bad because after all, we were supposed to be Cowboys and Frontiersman. When he returned back to the USA he found out that African Americans were banned from owning Firearms but not whites, and this made him angry because he felt every man, no matter what race had a right to self-defense, So in the late 1990/s in the State of Rhode Island he opened up and founded the first chapter of the NRA to fight for the right for everyone to be allowed to own a Firearm as our Constitution states under the 2nd Amendment, after he won the battle for blacks to own firearms, he started forming chapters across the USA to teach safety and train people to use Firearms, as they still do today. During WW 2 they trained almost 300,000 Soldiers to use firearms when the war started because the US Military was in poor shape and had no real members to train Soldiers to use firearms and if they had not done so, the USA would have just been in the way and useless fighting with our Allies.

    • THANK-YOU Scott!!!! Most of these rabid anti-gun people are allergic to facts and are blissful in their haze of convenient ignorance.

      Regards – Kris

  18. Well done SSAA, Hunting is ingrained in Australian regional culture. It is not be feared, It is to be embraced..As for banning handguns. Name for me 1 other sport or pastime that you must subject yourself to being fingerprinted before owning a sporting handgun..They can legally only be used on the certified ranges.,.The Greens would have you believe we all run around the streets with..Its about time the greens learned to differentiate between criminals and law abiding citizens.And if you want to stop firearm thefts..Disband your firearms registry to stop the leaks and protect the gun owners from the criminals. The registry will not protect citizens from criminals will it..

  19. We live in a little thing called a DEMOCRACY, Mr Murray just because you have an opinionated bias view about firearms and recreational hunting does not mean we should all bow down to what YOU believe to be right just because YOU dont agree with it. I am sympathetic to Mr Murray about his loss but that does not change the fact that it is our god given right to be allowed to hunt for our own food. If we the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS wish to LEGALLY own a firearm to help farmers, target shoot and to participate in a completely lawful recreational activity then by god we are going to do so.

  20. So Rod, someone is different to you and they are immediately a member of the “lunatic mob”? Great, you really are all about acceptance of others arent you? A gun didn’t kill your Aunty, your Uncle did. I’m sorry but thats the truth. Pehaps you should be passionate about teaching respect for human life rather than waging war against inanimate objects. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. I don’t like naked men, so I avoid tha madi gras. I don’t want it banned, I just avoid it. Guns and hunting are a huge part of Australian Culture, and will continue to be so. Gun ownership is growing, and responsible people are now realising that they can legally own guns for sport and fun. Perhaps this article coveniently draws attention away from the fact the green party is responsible for loss of homes and at least one death in the fires in NSW? The fires are so bad because the greens are stopping the Rural Fire Service burn off!! Read todays Telegraph, senoirs Brigade members say dirrectly that the greens stopped them burning off! Your extremism is killing people, you have blood on your hands. Talk about that instead of discriminating against law abiding people.

  21. Mr Murray needs to reassess the situation. If his uncle didn’t have a rifle he would have used something else. If you are going to murder someone it’s a problem with the person! And as far as the greens go with trying to ban semi auto pistols what about revolvers? And hang on you’re banning the registered ones making the streets safer how? By removing a tiny number of guns held by law abiding citizens? The greens just showing how out of touch with reality they are

  22. Who is this man? Why is his circumstance more important than anyone elses? If his Aunt had a gun she would have been alive. WA has the most ridiculous gun laws and has had them since before Federation. They did not save his Aunt or any other murder victim. Neither did the law against murder. If he believes that circumscribing the present and future of others because of his past is reasonable, then shut the pubs and ban petrol. Many more people have been harmed by cars and alcohol. That without reference to illegal recreational use of drugs.

  23. Knives are over 3 times more likely to be used in a murder as a firearm. Victims of knife murders have to watch them advertised on morning television! How can that be allowed?! Mr Murray, just because your uncle was a murderer doesn’t make us all murderers. I’m sorry for your loss, but if your uncle didn’t have a gun it would have been a knife, or a baseball bat. Your uncle murdered her, not the firearm.

  24. Some people like myself! Like hunting and fishing. We are getting sick of people complaining about our sport and what we do in our free time. We are not the ones shooting houses up. Police cant even stop them.
    So what about the Bill Board. It’s Ok to put up half naked girls but not ok for a electrician to put up a picture that he goes hunting. Get a life Rod Murray life goes on.

  25. That’s all very well saying that his Aunt was murdered by his Uncle with a hunting rifle, but what if he’d used a knife? Would he be out the front of Shoppingtown having a go at the cutlery billboards? Don’t blame the tool, blame the maniac behind it and stop stereotyping shooters and hunters!

  26. To brandish, according to the Macquarie Dictionary, is “to shake or wave, as a weapon, flourish”. I see a man holding a rifle in a safe position. How does this journalist know it’s a “high-powered rifle”? Typical alarmist and biased journalism by a Greens brainwashed media.

  27. Greens MP said, ” I think the wetlands are under pressure and I’d be looking at ways to protect them and create more rather than killing what’s there,” she told the Herald.”
    Is she joking? Is she that stupid? The fellow is preserving the wetlands! He is hunting destructive feral species such as wild pigs! Does she want to preserve feral animals destroying wetlands? Wake up you green fools.

  28. hunters don’t just shoot introduced species and feral cats they also shoot native wildlife that has grown to plague proportions and can decimate a farmers crop

    • And by occasionally shooting native animals like kangaroos it can actually assist with their CONSERVATION! Something many of these armchair ENVIRONMENTALISTS can’t come to terms with. Good points

  29. 3rd and hopefully last comment. I am also in favour of licensing controls for firearms to the extent that people should need to submit a hair sample with their application so they can be drugs tested but that should also apply to any grant of benefit as well. That would lead to a less violent society instead of a violent society where your pet phobia is indulged. Guns are not the problem but some South Freo residents are. It’s just a picture.

      • Why is Mark a wanker? Is he not entitled to his opinion? Drugs is a REAL issue. Harassing licensed gun owners is a waste of time and bandwidth.

      • I hope that your 14th birthday is soon and that you learn manners at the party. When you are roimon14, you will be a big boy with good manners.

      • Mark, I have been shooting for 40 years and in that time I have seen tighter and tighter controls over my chosen sport. Back then I could walk into toyworld and buy ammo, pump action shotguns, semi auto rifles with little regulation. When I was eighteen I bought my 1st pump action from Toyworld in Miranda fair. The sales person said I needed a gun license, so I went to the local police station spoke to a senior constable filled out the form paid my $2.00 and walk away with a lifetime gun license, went back to the toy shop and walked away with a 12g pump and 100 #4 shot cartridges.
        We are now subjected to draconian laws that acheive nothing and YOU are advocating more of the same be implemented. Definately something to be said for drug testing for people collecting govt handouts that dont want to work.

  30. Whilst I empathise completely with any person whom loses a loved one to violent crime or accident of any kind, I am thoroughly sick and tired of ignorant and ill-informed persons making wild allegations and casting unpleasant aspersions towards LAW ABIDING gun owners. These people have no clue what is involved in obtaining and maintaining a fire-arm license and the many and varied reasons for doing so. How many SSAA members have EVER been responsible for a gun murder?? How many people get behind the wheel of a car in an unfit state, incapacitated by drugs or alcohol or both and proceed to kill innocent persons? Do we then blame the idiot behind the wheel or the vehicle? There is NO difference between this and an idiot that uses a firearm to commit a crime, you can talk all you want about pre-meditated but If a person decides upon committing a murderous act they are going to do so by whatever method is available to them. Mis-information pertaining to firearms and shooters in Australia is rife and it certainly suits the purposes of the ‘ban-guns’ brigade to have lies and innuendo floating around as opposed to cold hard fact. Lynn MacLaren, control of foxes, rabbits and feral cats is actually BENEFICIAL to wetlands conservation, they are introduced pests that are destroying Australia’s magnificent flora and fauna. I suggest you acquaint yourself with fact before proliferating myth.

  31. From the look of Mr Murray I should think shooters and hunting would be the last of his worries. He will die of gluttony, he better do something about his obesity and poor health and the unreasonable imposition he might be making on the public health budget.

  32. We only need to look at our Kiwi brothers from across the pond to realise that common sense gun laws, ownership and use can and will work. Open your eyes to both side of an argument and you might change your mind. Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and never judge a group of people from one persons actions (Martin Bryant) I live in South Freo and am a proud firearm owner. For a bunch of fools who seem to be all about peace and harmony they (greens, anti-gunners) sure spew alot of hate and fear into the public. WE DON’T WANT AMERICAN STYLE FEAR SPREAD IN OUR COMMUNITY NOR DO WE WANT YOUR PREJUDICE

    Hunting billboard upsets Fremantle newspaper
    21 Oct 2013
    by Justin Law
    A Sporting Shooters Association of Australia billboard depicting a hunter and promoting hunting in Western Australia has prompted one local newspaper to generate anti-gun sentiment, reporting that it almost killed one Fremantle resident.
    “I almost died when I saw it,” said Rod Murray in the first sentence of a report by Fremantle Herald journalist Steve Grant who went on to describe the main image of a hunter holding a rifle in a safe manner as “brandishing a high-powered rifle”.
    It was also reported that Mr Murray is passionately anti-gun and apparently his opinion is enough to carry what appears to be the newspaper’s anti-gun bias.
    “Are they trying to be like the NRA in America?” Mr Murray reportedly said. “That’s all we need—the Republican lunatic mob moving in.”
    The location of the billboard appears to be the Fremantle Herald’s biggest concern reporting that it was erected “in the heart of hippy-green South Freo”.
    The paper contacted local Greens MP Lynn MacLaren who admitted she hadn’t seen the billboard, but that didn’t stop the newspaper printing her fears about the promotion of a “gun culture”.
    Because the main image features the hunter in what appears to be a wetlands environment, Ms MacLaren’s opinion on hunting in the wetlands was also reported and she predictably claimed hunting added to pressure that was already on those areas.
    “I’d be looking at ways to protect them and create more rather than killing what’s there,” she told the Herald.
    Mr Grant also claimed that the SSAA was “locked in battle with the Greens, which wants semi-automatic handguns banned”.
    However, SSAA WA publicist Rachael Andrews brought balance to the report pointing out the rigid controls on handgun licencing and explaining the motive behind the billboard.
    She said that the poster, that shows the hunter as an electrician in a smaller image with the words “electrician by day, hunter by choice”, was designed to show hunters come from all walks of life.
    “To show that it is not a fringe part of Australian life, but it’s everywhere,” she reportedly said, adding that it was movie posters showing pistol-wielding heroes aiming at other people that glorified guns.
    “We are talking about firearms in a safe environment, a supervised environment – that is not the same as the glorifying of firearms in movies where it’s being aimed at people.”
    She said city people require education about hunting and its importance to country folk.
    Interestingly, all the comments at the end of the story are pro hunting

    • Why is that by quoting a gun opponent the Herald is “generating anti-gun sentiment”, but when we quote the SSAA’s representative, she’s the one who’s bringing “balance to the report”? The SSAA happily admits that it erected the posters in urban areas where feathers would be ruffled in order to generate some debate. The Chook obliges but we’ve suddenly got “anti-gun bias”? A case of shooting the messenger, we think, Sporting Shooter.

      • “Brandishing a high-powered rifle”? Using an emotive quote from one “gun opponent” as an individual who represents no-one but himself as the lead? Raising The Greens semi-automatic pistol policy even though the billboard is about single-action long-arms hunting? Where on the record does the SSAA say that its intention was to ruffle feathers? It’s abundantly clear by the angle you’ve chosen and the “chooks” you’ve used to support it that your “messenger” either took it upon himself or was instructed by his editor to generate anti-gun sentiment. I don’t blame you. Generating sales is an editor’s prerogative and the way to generate sales is to generate controversy. What are your hits up to on this story now? Anyway, keep it up – it’s doing wonders for the Shooters and Fishers Party’s popularity while the antis spiral downward.

      • An objective look at media reporting will reveal consistent anti gun bias against Law Abiding Firearms Owners. Use of emotive terms such as “brandishing a highpowered rifle” is an example found in your story, and commonly used elsewhere. Quoting uninformed opinions such as those of the Greens MP is another. The Herald chooses to publish a story rather than a balanced report – the emphasis is on emotional opinions rather than facts. I challenge you to explain the relevance of the Greens desire to ban semi auto handguns, in a report on a proposal to open up some public land for hunting access ?Nobody is permitted to hunt anywhere, with any type of handgun. The SFPWA is not proposing handgun hunting. Some balanced reporting would look at public land hunting access in other states and countries and the results – as opposed to seeking the opinions of people who are upset by the idea of something they don’t really understand.

      • I see my response is still awaiting moderation while another comment was posted. Are you denying me a right of reply?

  34. Frank Lloyd Wright
    “I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”
    ― Frank Lloyd Wright

    Imagine what he would have made of “Social Media”.

    “The fact is that the introduction of those laws did not result in any acceleration of the downward trend in gun homicide. They may have reduced the risk of mass shootings but we cannot be sure because no one has done the rigorous statistical work required to verify this possibility. It is always unpleasant to acknowledge facts that are inconsistent with your own point of view. But I thought that was what distinguished science from popular prejudice.”
    – Don Weatherburn of the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

  35. Its about showing firearm sports as a responsible, safe and legal sport and recreational pass time. It been placed up to contradict all the lies and propaganda sprouted by the left wing anti gun lobby. Its out to show that contatrary to the media reporting that firearm owners come from all walks of life. Not just some backwater redneck town or a criminal element as the anti gun lobby would have the public believe

  36. Hunting is a sport and a passion. Hunters utilise and protect our great outdoors. Good on them

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