12. 45LETTERSWhat bank?
THE Commonwealth Bank has had a branch at Canning Bridge Applecross since 1957: I was one of its first customers.
Can you believe how amazed I was today Monday November 4 to find the building stripped of all internal fittings including the ATM. There was no-one in the building to ask what was going on—whether they were just refurbishing—just a large skip bin outside.
No notice to say what was going on with the bank. On asking adjoining businesses, no-one was any the wiser. The branch was evidently open for business as usual Friday November 1.
I have three accounts with the Canning Bridge branch and at the time of writing, I had not received any notification about the closure. Our next nearest branch is at Garden City shopping centre, which is not as convenient.
I am also a shareholder in the bank which makes one less pleased. I think the Commonwealth Bank should give a public apology to its Canning Bridge customers. To confirm the bank had closed I rang the main office in Sydney.
Frank Granger
Melville Bch Rd, Applecross
The Ed says: They have to keep those record profits high somehow, Frank! Personal service and good manners—such quaint notions.

Fuming over port move
I DON’T have as much experience in city planning and traffic management as Pam Nairn (Herald Thinking Allowed, November 2, 2013), but I do vaguely remember that last time the WA government proposed to move the port facilities to Kwinana because it was concerned roads around Fremantle would not be able to cope with future increase in trucking traffic, the Freo community was jumping up and down at the prospect of losing their port and our council was fighting tooth and nail to keep it here.
Surely the diesel fumes are a small price to pay for this. I wonder why Pam fails to mention this in her essay and instead blames Main Roads and the WA government for badly managing traffic.
Michel Borrer
Daly St, Fremantle

Late start an idea for Freo
I SHARE the concerns of the City of Fremantle that an even bigger Garden City (the spiritual home and centre of Melville) will have a negative impact on retailing in Fremantle.
I think for the most part the Brad Pettitt-led council has been a good council and is on the right track and this is just another challenge.
But Garden City’s growth highlights the clear divide and total absence of any concern for what goes on beyond the borders of Melville for any of their neighbours and why a merger of Fremantle and Melville with the absence of commonality will be a disaster.
I think Fremantle has to be bold and follow a Singapore model of shops not opening until 11am or later and staying open until late. I’m suggesting 11pm. No, it’s not going to suit everyone, but it may suit many. Fremantle needs to offer a clear alternative to the mega shopping centre. Garden City retailers won’t want to open from 9am to midnight.
On another note, I’m keen to see the City of Fremantle comply with its own notice and the bush fires act 1954, Metropolitan Fire District advertised in the Herald (November 2, 2013)! Many of the city’s suburban verges are definitely a fire hazard this summer.
Clayton Gunning
Stevens St, White Gum Valley

Back to basics
THE mayor of Fremantle says the super-sized Garden City will suck shoppers out of Fremantle (Herald November 2, 2013). It already has.
The average shopper cannot afford the retail “offer” in Fremantle.  As far as making it difficult to assess the significant differences of  the retail “offer” in Garden City beggars belief.
The MYRE project may not be “replicated at these large suburban shopping centres” because it doesn’t offer affordable or practical shopping to the average Fremantle resident.
“Rebranding” Fremantle should include catering to the necessities of daily life for the average resident, not just the elite or tourist.
A last-ditch objection to the expansion of Garden City proves the Fremantle council is completely out of touch when it thinks it maybe able to “pinch” customers who end up preferring the port city shopping experience.
Equality and viable choices for every shopper will rejuvenate Fremantle. Fremantle used to be a community where residents met and shopped for all their needs. That has long since disappeared and the “new breed” could take a lesson by talking to the the original residents, and businesses, who made it what it was.
Judy Grljusich
Zlinya Circle, Spearwood

Dashing Dean
I WOULD like to thank East Fremantle ranger “Dean” for his selfless assistance on the late afternoon of last Saturday.
Dean may be normally recognised as the ranger who pops parking tickets onto your windscreen but after my front wheel collapsed on a speed bump on Riverside Road, he spent 90 minutes directing traffic around my vehicle that was marooned in the middle of the road.
Greg Robinson
Preston Point Rd, Bicton

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