LETTERS 16.11.13

14. 46LETTERSShop horror
THE reason Freo is losing customers to Garden City (Herald, November 2, 2013) has a lot more to do with the anti-social element rampant throughout its CBD rather than the size of its competitors.
Clean it up of the walking dead and you’ll see the difference. Shame on the Fremantle city council and the social engineers who have allowed this situation to evolve and continue to allow it to fester.
Robert Grdjan
Healy Rd, Hamilton Hill
The Ed says: Crime stats in the CBD have fallen dramatically since police introduced Operation Peyton a couple of months ago. Cops on the beat obviously works—why did it take them so long to work that out?

Good gravy
ONLY one Cockburn letters correspondent last week—talking about a Fremantle event!
However, if your readers look closely they will see a tie-in with another Fremantle event, namely the Fiona Mariah concert the following Sunday.
In this case, however, Cockburn was involved up to its armpits. An excellent opportunity to show a united appearance to the world was missed through a great show of personal stupidity.
The entire Cockburn community was slurred by this action of their so-called representatives, one of whom actually said if she wasn’t paid she wouldn’t attend!
Who are these people who can vote themselves a $30,000 “expense account” and then expect to be given free tickets to everything they attend?
Somebody has blundered at the polling booth—now we all have to suffer. Wake up Cockburn—it’s starting to show.
Colin Crook
Doolette St, Spearwood

Rail appeal
IT never ceases to amaze me when something gets too hard or falls into disrepair, the easy way out is to close it, or get rid of it.
That’s what happened to our tramways in Perth and Fremantle—now we realise how good this mode of transport was and want it back.
This seems to be the case with the WA railway lines used to cart our farmers’ wheat.
There is always a good argument against road trains, from breaking the roads to bad accidents.
The railway line needs repairing, so let’s fix it.
I have read where railways such as the Lake Grace to Hyden line were extended—in the middle of the Great Depression—to cater for the wheat harvest.
If it could be done then, surely we can repair the railway lines now.
My proposal is to run an appeal for “Donate a Concrete Railway Sleeper”.
Each would cost about $50 to purchase and the appeal could be run by local councils.
There are also numerous organisations that profit from the wheat harvest that could put their hand up. It would help if the tax office recognised the donation as an income tax deduction.
I consider the deterioration of the railways a natural disaster.
As a bonus the railway could be used for a tourist train during wildflower season, or for local agriculture shows.
To put my money where my mouth is, I am prepared to donate 50 concrete sleepers, or $1000, to an approved appeal.
Frank Granger
Melville Bch Rd, Applecross

Doing business
FINDING toilets in Freo is a nightmare. If shoppers are going to “spend a few pennies”, the council will need to tackle the problem of providing decent dunnies. Mothers, for one, have already taken their “business” elsewhere.
Robyn O’Grady
Instone St, Hilton

Phantom Freo
I SHOOK my head when I read “Mayor Brad Pettitt says the super-sized Garden City will suck shoppers out of Freo,” (Herald, November 2, 2013).
I used to duck into Fremantle for the last-minute gift or the like. I have always accepted the fact the shops in Fremantle do not offer a wide range of options but appreciated the convenience of having a representative sample of shops that could satisfy my immediate needs.
More recently I find, even whilst Garden City is its current size, I am frustrated by the fact that I must drive to Booragoon to meet even simple shopping needs.
Fremantle is like a ghost town and cannot meet my shopping needs like it used to.  So not “sucked”, drawn away from or enticed to Garden City but ejected, dissatisfied and limited by a city with shops closing and scarce offerings resulting in a domino effect of shops struggling to survive.
Susan Wilson
Bruce St, North Fremantle
The Ed says: Susan, try a short walk along Market Street—you’ll bump into Home Provedore and Morrisons—great for gifts, and Kakula’s Sister (everything you’d want from a grocer). Then there’s High Street galleries, the mall, Adelaide Street, the piazza and of course the Wray Avenue precinct. There are still plenty of shops in central Freo vastly more interesting than the cookie-cutter franchises littering the big malls.

Know thy neighbour
IN response to Andrea Cicholas’ letter (Herald, November 9, 2013), I have been an owner for 15 years in the same situation and my advice to owners is to be aware of who your new neighbour might be. A smoker or a drug dealer, who knows? Only the agent who puts them in there. Owners have more rights if your new neighbour happens to be a renter.
Shirley Sleidley
Edeline St, Spearwood

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