LETTERS 22.2.14

10. 8LETTERSTalk is Jeep
JUST wanted to tell your readers about an incident that happened to my mum, 79, two weeks ago.
She was driving down the central isle in the Spotlight carpark, off Leach Highway, when a 4WD (new green Jeep with a wheel on the back, she thought) reversed out, straight into her.
The man took Mum’s details, and gave her his name and phone number on a piece of paper. She was badly shaken and didn’t think to get his rego or licence details.
Needless to say he had given mum a false name and number. Her car was so badly damaged it has been written off. The only visible damage to the Jeep was a torn wheel cover. Mum is left without a car, had to pay $450 excess, and her no claims bonus has been reduced, all through no fault of her own.
Just remember not everyone is a nice person, and people need to know what to do in a situation like this. “What goes around, comes around?” Lets hope so, eh.
Sicklemore St, Brentwood 

An amazing week
I HAD an amazing week. I received some incredibly positive feedback regarding my letter (Herald, February 1, 2014).
The views I’d expressed regarding both the Port Coogee development and the future of Cockburn council resonated very strongly. My questions of larger-than-life statements that can now be clearly seen to be wrong. Statements about financial, social, environment, engineering, location and other aspects of the development have all turned out to be incorrect.
Coogee beach is still where it always was. It didn’t erode, families aplenty visit the marina daily, the water is clear and clean. I couldn’t possible deal with every incorrect statement in this letter: I do not wish to get into tit-for-tat disagreements with detractors who submitted response letters last week.
All I will say is seeing is believing, just go down and have a look!
The big questions still remain: How could so many people get such a wrong idea about so many aspects and expectations regarding this project? I acknowledged accountability in my last submission but this needs to go across the board. How did so much incorrect information get imparted to those protesters and why did they believe such rubbish so adamantly?
What was the CCAC’s conduit? The answer to these questions will not be answered. I was advised to not even bother writing this letter (couldn’t help myself).
I suppose the answer is if you’re going to get it so wrong, do it out in the open, in lots of ways and lots of times in the most sensational of ways and you will not be held accountable in any way.
But enough negativity! On a more forward looking note everyone also agreed with my comments regarding Cockburn council. It is clear there is a high level of support for Cockburn.
Details regarding the detriment to ratepayers in Cockburn was detailed to me earlier this week, including information from independent consultants and I would encourage in the strongest of terms all ratepayers in Cockburn to oppose the state government’s plan to dissolve our city.
Dave Ward
Sain Rd, Coogee

Do your suns
A FEW years ago we had solar panels installed. Recently we received a call telling us we needed a negative earthing kit. We said we didn’t want it, but the smell of electrical burning in our house had us reconsider the state of play and we decided to contact the company to get the thing installed and get our solar panels inspected for safety.
Things went off to a bad start when the electrician did not arrive on the designated time or day. An email to the company was sent expressing our disappointment. After an apology the information regarding the set time was not forwarded to the electrician, a new time was set.
The electrician arrived and was very sympathetic to my complaints, that I should have to pay at all for something that had already been installed.
He said, “by the time the corrosion sets in there will be better, cheaper solar panels. I advised my grandparents not to go ahead with it”.
To others who have had the call I say, save your money: $600 can get you a lot more than a reassurance that your solar panels may break down sometime in the distant future. By the way, the electrical burning smell is not a result of a fault in the solar panels according to the electrician.
Christos Karpathakis
Holmes Place, Hilton

Demolition a waste of energy
EIGHTY million dollars. One can only ponder the irony of the Queensgate proposal in particular (Herald, February 8, 2014).
Freo people (and maybe soon-to-become Freoites) are encouraged to consume less, recycle and live sustainably.
The City of Fremantle has committed to joining “One Planet Living”, a program aimed at reducing resource consumption and focusing on the zero waste principle. One can only question how much waste/landfill will be generated by demolishing the perfectly useable Queensgate building and how many new resources will be required to create another building (to last just another 24 years?).
As is often widely mooted, the most environmentally sustainable building is an existing one!
Zoe Inman
King St, Coogee


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