Letters 22.3.14

18. 12LETTERSLiving in our 70s
WE are inner-city residents of Fremantle in our 70s.
Just for the record, we were in favour of the Esplanade skate park and attended meetings to show our support. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the meeting regarding the proposed Arthur Head project but again are very much in favour of the council’s decision to continue with plans for the rejuvenation of the area.
H & IL Johnston
Marine Tce, Fremantle

The hardest word to say?
WELL, Adele, I wonder when the apology to you will come?

A Freo hero
JAMES CALLIGARO (Herald, March 15, 2014) promoted my best-selling book, Fremantle Impressions.
Other Fremantle writers, readers and just plain browsers owe James at New Edition bookshop similar huge debts. He  is a Fremantle hero who has sacrificed his house and other securities to keep New Edition on the rails. Though the business is sound he has been crushed by huge rent increases. The Fremantle story. The Fremantle Dymocks suffered an earlier rent increase with closure to follow.
Fremantle—the city of writers—is now without a bookshop. All writers will wish a new version of New Edition good luck when it opens in a few months on a different High Street site in a few months.
Ron Davidson
Fothergill St, Fremantle

Imagine the heartache
I AM wondering whether these anti-vaccination mothers (Herald letters, March 15, 2014) have any idea what life was like before vaccinations.
I grew up in the 1930s. My mother was quite rightly worried about infections. I remember us three children had chicken pox, measles and German measles, one after the other. We were all quite sick but made full recoveries, partly I believe because of her good care. Luckily only one brother got mumps. Diphtheria, scarlet fever and polio, although not so prevalent, were always around somewhere.
The transmission of these infections was not always well understood. My mother, being vigilant, banned us from going to some crowded places for fear of infection. Later, I was a social worker in the section of a hospital treating patients battling disabilities resulting from having contracted polio.
The physiotherapist, occupational therapist and I worked with families to alleviate their problems. I remember one beautiful teenager who was so brave but died from her severe disabilities.
I urge these anti-vaccination mothers to imagine the worry and hard work of being a mother before vaccinations.
Roma Lewi
Orana Cres, Brentwood

Reserve accomodation
YOUR article on the homeless (Herald, March 15, 2014) is not confined to Fremantle, Cockburn and Kwinana.
Applecross foreshore has been home to at least four young people this summer, including a gentleman who is obviously suffering  mental problems. There has also been a man living in his car. It is easy to pretend it isn’t happening: sadly this is not the case.
Corinne O’Hehir
Grosse Rd, Applecross

Police peddle oppression
MY name is James and I have recently been issued three fines ($200 total) by police for riding through Fremantle on my push bike on Friday March 14.
As a Fremantle resident and passionate cyclist I am deeply upset by the aggressive and unreasonable behaviour of Fremantle police. I was under the impression Fremantle was a bike-friendly city where cyclists can enjoy riding without feeling like a criminal.
I was fined $50 for not having a bell! I can deal with the $50 for no helmet, but no bell is going too far. I feel oppressed and persecuted for being a cyclist in Freo.
As health issues such as heart disease and obesity are on the rise, cyclists should be encouraged and given incentives to ride their push bikes in our great city. Is there any way Fremantle can relax the bell laws?
James Dolin

Stop the dogs
HMMM, now let me see: we have a little stretch of beach called South Beach, sandwiched in between two greater dog beaches, and apart from that, a little stretch of smelly, pee-ridden sand (well this time of year it is) called Bathers Beach…and that’s it.
So how has it come about that people still allow dogs onto South Beach? It’s about time the Fremantle council stop dogs using the beach a few metres north of South Beach altogether when they can instead use the dog beach just a few metres away to the south of South Beach.
This is madness.
Robin Tennant
Edmund St, Fremantle

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