Taylor shares Striker concerns

BATEMAN Liberal MP Matt Taylor will lodge a grievance motion with WA planning minister John Day in state parliament next week over the controversial joint development assessment panel process.

Any project over $7 million gets sent to a JDAP, where three appointed members and two local councillors reject or approve it, bypassing the local elected council.

Mr Taylor says JDAPs need to place a higher value on residents’ views.

“I’m not opposed to the process,” he says. “I’m just seeking to understand it better, and recommend that in future deliberations that JDAP and the state administrative tribunal be considerate of elected local governments, and the interests of the community.

“I think in this [Striker development] case not enough weight was given by the JDAP and the SAT deliberations on the wishes of the elected officials of the City of Melville, and the local residents.

“The fundamental issue is that a development of R100-plus has been approved on a site that’s zoned for R40.”

Surrounding blocks are an even more modest R20: “I’ve been involved in planning for 10 years as a development consultant and never would we put R100 zoning next to R20,” says Mr Taylor.

“I acknowledge the developer has made some consolations or variations to the proposal to make it more in line with expectations, but at the end of the day we still have a density far in excess of what’s been zoned… I don’t see how it’s appropriate for the circumstances.”

Mr Taylor concedes most of his Liberal MP colleagues don’t share his concerns, saying they’d prefer “greater development, and they are finding the planning process is hindering more development”.

The grievance motion goes to parliament Thursday.


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