Pens fail safety rules

FOUR unauthorised Swan Yacht Club boat pens the subject of a two-year investigation do not meet Australian safety standards.

The WA transport department confirmed a Herald tip-off the club had been ordered to fix mooring piles installed during the modification of the pens because they weren’t up to scratch. “DoT, working with the Swan River Trust, has requested the Swan Yacht provide marine engineering certification including load testing,” department executive Steve Jenkins says.

He reveals that, contrary to earlier reports, the works involve existing pens already licensed with the department.

Two years later the Trust still hasn’t decided whether to pursue legal action for the unauthorised works: “The Trust has considered the matter and is working with the Swan Yacht Club to ensure that the piles and jetties are constructed in a suitable and structurally sound matter,” was an anonymous response to the Herald’s question on why no decision had been made.


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