Unbury your Treasures

HIDDEN TREASURES is well underway for its fourth year.

The winter celebration of Fremantle music got underway two weeks ago and continues every Thurday through July, drawing on the port city’s eclectic musical history dating back to the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Shows continue to sell out as people flock to the West Ends clubs, such as the Navy, Buffalo and the Workers Clubs to immerse themselves in the music—and the atmosphere.

“[It] taps into something more than just music, I can feel what it is, but find it hard to articulate,” organiser Alex Marshall says.

“We are bringing back things you haven’t seen for a while, and some new things, but all the bands are connected to Fremantle.”

Check the program on Fremantle council’s webpage, or grab the much more satisfying real thing from the library.


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