Cockana cedes ground

Cockburn swallows Kwinana, loses North Coogee + more


COCKBURN loses plum territory to Fremantle and Melville under a preferred boundary change released Wednesday by WA’s local government advisory board (Walgab), but it gains all of Kwinana.

The proposed Cockburn-Kwinana council’s northern border will be Phoenix Drive in Spearwood, with Cockburn’s existing HQ to serve as the new super-council’s administrative centre, despite it being just metres from the massive council’s northern border. The current Kwinana HQ will become a southern outpost.

Kwinana and Fremantle councils had suggested to the Walgab they effectively split Cockburn between them, which would have seen Spearwood and the Cockburn council HQ behind Fremantle lines.Kwinana mayor Carol Adams says the Walgab has given her council’s submission “quite a haircut further north”.

“Cockburn’s administration has been left alone,” she told the Herald. “That’s why the board chose the map they did.”
Cockburn loses Hamilton Hill and North Coogee (the South Beach estate) and parts of Spearwood to Fremantle. Coolbellup, North and Bibra Lakes and Leeming go east to Melville.
The public has till August 14 to comment on the recommended boundaries.

Other recommendations include Melville losing Bicton and Palmyra to Fremantle.
WA local government minister Tony Simpson is set to consider the final recommendations later in the month.
He is confident Supreme Court action by lawyer John Hammond on behalf of Subiaco, South Perth and Serpentine-Jarrahdale can be resolved. Calling for a judicial review, the rebel councils claim ratepayers were denied the right to have their say on “forced” council mergers.

A decision is expected as early as next week.

Melville mayor unhappy

MELVILLE mayor Russell Aubrey said he’d long-been a fan of local government reform because of the opportunities it provided, but was disappointed and concerned by likely changes to his city’s boundaries.

“According to the new map, Melville would lose the suburbs of Palmyra and Bicton to an enlarged Fremantle,” he noted.

“Palmyra and Bicton are amongst our most highly treasured suburbs in Melville with Point Walter undoubtedly our main recreational and events venue, and we would like to keep them.

“Taking away our only public golf course and our prestige foreshore events area and giving it to Fremantle, which already has these facilities, seems to be an oversight of significant proportion that needs correcting.

“What this means is $750,000 in revenue would be taken from the City of Melville and handed to Fremantle, who would then have two public golf courses and an additional pristine foreshore area, for which Melville has provided all the costs and hard work.”

He acknowledged the inclusion of Samson and O’Connor—a “commercial-industrial” strip—“would go some way towards strengthening Melville in the short to mid-term” but said, “the overall residential and commercial growth would not be enough to sustain us into the long term, particularly compared to our neighbouring councils whom it appears would become significantly bigger and stronger”.

Bicton-Attadale ward councillors June Barton and Suzanne Taylor-Rees will challenge their leafy suburbs going into Fremantle. A rally and campaign to “save” Bicton and Palmyra are planned.

Melville councillors were briefed on the changes Tuesday and the Herald understands the strongly Liberal-party associated council may submit a new submission to the board rearguing its case to take Shelley and Rossmoyne from Canning and Jandakot from Cockburn.

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