Honey, I caught a cold

LEEUWIN volunteers put their training to practise Wednesday when they rescued a fisherman who fell into the harbour.

“I jumped in the water to try and keep his head up until the pilot boat arrived,” 27-year-old hero Angela Lewis told the Herald. “We chatted about fishing and he said his wife would not be happy because he had not caught anything.”

Ms Lewis says she was in the water holding the man for nearly 30 minutes with the help of fellow crew members Mark Wright and Erika Delemarre.

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The Parmelia and police were on the wharf by 10am to lift the man out of the water.

The Spearwood sailor, who joined Leeuwin at the age of 14, says man-overboard drills and emergency response were part of her safety training.

“Hopefully, the fisherman will be ok.”


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