Finch me, I’m dreaming



The sign over the footpath looked somewhat familiar as the Hera ld crew rocked up to what used to be Simple Nosh on Norfolk Street.

Now Mister Finch Noshery, a beady-eyed bird wearing a monocle and top hat gave us the eye.

No doubt he’s a cousin to the Chook, hanging over our Cliff Street nest.

But we were too busy eyeing the menu to give him more than a nod on the way inside the rustic heritage dwelling turned cafe.

20. 40FOOD 1

The eatery is set to open in the evenings when the weather warms up, hence the name change, which is also the name of the range of home-made jams and chutneys sold on the premises, co-owner Lea Kurandy says.

Like the condiments, everything on the menu is fresh and home-made, with plenty of choices in the cabinet or on the menu board.

The decor? Well, let’s say anyone who was around in the heady days of 1972 wearing pale blue suits with wide-flared trousers, or psychedelic multi-coloured dresses and lots of blue eye makeup, is going to feel right at home.

20. 40FOOD 2

With birds on his mind one of my colleagues was drawn to a tandoori chicken burger ($15), a monster meal chock-full of moist, succulent chicken, with a side order of spicy potatoes: “Curry and chips,” I thought.

It was all a bit much for my Scottish colleague, who didn’t quite know what to make of spuds smothered in curry sauce.

Finches may be small birds but the serves at this eatery are anything but and my vegie pattie ($8) was also a monster.

As I ploughed my way through the delicious fusion of rice, vegies and spices, topped by a spicy home-made tomato sauce I rather wished I hadn’t ordered a salad ($5).

20. 40FOOD 3

Not that the finely sliced vegetables weren’t great, but it was a struggle to finish and I didn’t want to miss a morsel.

A BLT ($14) was an equally impressive meal, with the bacon wonderfully crisp and the roll slightly toasted.

A rich chocolate milkshake ($5) was slurped down with the BLT, and I’m happy to report Mr Finch makes a fine coffee.

Time was pressing or we might have tried some of the home-made cakes and slices—but there’s always tomorrow.

Mister Finch Noshery
12 Norfolk Street, Fremantle
9335 3882
Open Mon–Fri 7.30am–4
Sat  8am–4pm and
Sun 9am–3pm

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