Top-notch on Riseley

C15, Ardross


There’s a heap of cafes and restaurants around the Riseley Street strip in Ardross—but none quite floated our boat as we checked out a number of menus.

With hope in our hearts we crossed Riseley to C15 and, as luck would have it, despite many tables bustling with diners there was outside seating available and a menu to suit the tastes of all in our party.

12. 45FOOD 5

Having woken up late it wasn’t quite breakfast anymore but not quite lunchtime. Happily the menu is as variable as human nature and we could choose from both.

The father-in-law is visiting from the old country and, true to his English heritage, couldn’t go past the big breakfast.

12. 45FOOD 4

Our eyes boggled a bit at the $25.50 price tag but the plate did come out groaning under the weight of bacon, sausages, mushrooms two hash browns, eggs and toast. The scrambled eggs were creamy and moist and the slightly thicker cut bacon cooked to perfection. So, money well-spent.

12. 45FOOD 3

My plate of linguini ($23.90) was the size of a hubcap but I had no trouble wolfing the lot. Roast pumpkin and sweet corn gave it a savoury sweetness, as did the red onion, just cooked for an enjoyable, slight crunchiness, and adding an interesting dimension to the flavours. Smothered in oil and garlic my only wish was for some complimentary bread to mop up the last drop.

12. 45FOOD 2

Mr predictable D’Angerous Dave went for grilled fish and chips ($36). It’s pricy for F&C, but the giant plate of perfectly grilled fish fillets, and delicious golden chips also came with a mound of rocket salad and a homemade tartare sauce.

Sparkling like a jewel the cake cabinet called so we fronted up for the difficult task of narrowing the choice.

12. 45FOOD 1

Being rather full I passed on the massive slices of rich and creamy offers to choose a dainty raspberry tart, as did the F-I-L, and the hubby was happy with his raspberry/lemon surprise. The suprise being just how good the berry citrus combination was. A couple of very good coffees washed the lot down, and we headed into the spring sunshine feeling very good about life. Not a cheap brunch, but a damn good one.

15 Riseley Street, Ardross
Phone 9316 4242
Open Tues-Sat 7am–10pm,
Sun–Mon 7am–8pm

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