Lasagna festival turns savoury 17

THE annual Lilly Street Lasagna Bake-off is back for its 17th instalment today, Saturday November 22, but organiser Paul Jacobs says they’re already thinking ahead to the big 20th anniversary.

Mr Jacobs says there’s been talk of ditching the event’s low-key mantra and trying to attract a Jamie Oliver-style celebrity to judge the 20th year.

The idea has sparked a huge debate up and down the street.

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• Tihana Simich from Pasta Addiction is ready to put the city’s best lasagne cooks to the test. Photo by Steve Grant

But mostly residents are focussed on fine-tuning their recipes, and Mr Jacobs says his nightly walk on Wednesdays has been marked by the smell of lasagna up and down Lilly Street.

This year the judges are former councillor and restaurateur Tim Grey-Smith, Maria Mascara, and Pasta Addiction founder Tihana Simich.

Ms Simich told the Herald she was looking forward to her fourth stint as a judge having missed out on the opportunity last year.

The event also has its own Facebook page for the first time this year.


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