Uber–es ist toll!

UBER CAF, Attadale


Punk band The Dead Kennedys brought the term “uber” out of Germany and into the English lexicon with their song California Uber Alles.

While “uber” is generally taken to mean “extra” its literal translation is “above”: Uber Caf, in the back blocks of Attadale, is certainly a cut above your average small shopping precinct eatery.

Actually it’s better than many cafes and restaurants, full stop.

Everything is made in-house, including a fantastic lime mayo and a beetroot relish that had my young lunch companion in raptures and wanting to buy a couple of jars.

51FOOD 1

Sadly for him while Uber does sell some of its relishes and a chilli jam, the beetroot isn’t for sale.

The relish had been smothered over the Uber Burger ($16), which was so uber there was no way he was getting his mouth around it.

As he tackled it a giant, homemade patty was revealed: “It was a very generous size, loaded with fresh vegetables, sticky pork and a divine beetroot relish,” he opined when asked to pen his thoughts.

Unless you just want salad there’s not a lot of non-meat choices on the menu, but my frittata ($9.50), with caramelised onion did hit a high spot.

The third member of our trio had the lamb slider ($17), which unlike sliders elsewhere was huge: “With pulled, tender lamb and a tangy minted yoghurt,” she said after tackling the generous serve.

51FOOD 2

We chased it all down with a shared bowl of very good chips ($8).

Cakes are also made in-house and we stared at the fridge holding them for quite some time, trying to make up our minds. In the end the young bloke went for the triple chocolate brownie ($5.20), while I had the meringue-topped apricot slice ($4.90).

“It was ridiculously rich, but definitely worth it,” Nick said of the brownie and I concurred about my slice.

Young Darcy picked an absolute winner in the almond and orange cake ($6.90). “Pure heaven on a plate, juicy, it exploded in your mouth with a citrus punch along with chewy orange segments,” she said, and having tried a smidge we all agreed.

A couple of very fine coffees and it was back on the road for our intrepid trio.

Uber Caf
88 Moreing Road, Attadale
6161 2776
open 7days

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