Love amok

STREET artist Amok Island has confirmed he’s behind the stone artwork in the Fremantle riverbed beneath the bridge—at least the first part of it (Herald, January 17, 2015).

He’d laid down rocks spelling out Amok, but then a few weeks later someone else came along and changed it to Love (so it wasn’t—as we’d first thought—two separate arrangements).

As to who changed it, we received a tip off from Bicton reader “Danger Dan” who says his mate was the culprit. “You guys usually get it spot on,” he says, but not this time. He reckons he spied his pal rearranging the stones after an all-night fishing trip. “He got a ripper flathead a cuppla hours earlier,” Dan says, and then “went for a wee” in the “Swannee”. Still cheery from his big catch, he’d rearranged the rocks to spell “LOVE”.


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