Lunch & a show

THE entertainment value of watching bad drivers and even worse parking from the vantage of this eatery’s alfresco was well worth the ticket price of a delicious home-made lunch.

Cars were forever coming and going at the busy Bicton shopping centre so there was no shortage of laugh tape.

At one point a woman in a massive 4WD parked so close we could have put our drinks on her bumper bar.

15. 8FOOD 1

She wandered off, oblivious to what we thought was perhaps going to be our last meal.

The owners of this dinky eatery took it on just before Christmas and the fare is mostly home-made.

I’d noticed the enticing display cabinet a couple of weeks ago, making a mental note to return.

15. 8FOOD 2

This is nanna food, with glistening pastries, colourful quiches, chunky sausage rolls and pies lining the shelves.

That said, the uber-trendy pulled pork tortillas have been a hit with diners, the slow-cooked pork melts in the mouth, I hear.

The pumpkin and camembert quiche was particularly glorious in its hues of yellow and gold, and for a mere $8.50 a very affordable work-day lunch.

15. 8FOOD 3

And the side salad ($4.50) was equally as colourful and deliciously fresh.

D’Angerous Dave choose off the blackboard menu which includes chicken, lamb and steak burgers.

As it turned out it also has one of the best vegie burgers going ($13.50), a rich mix of lentils and vegetables reduced to a delicious patty of giant proportions, served in a lightly toasted bun.

15. 8FOOD 4

Given the great home-made food the potato gems were disappointing but the juices were made in-house and there was no denying their full-flavoured kick, especially my celery, apple, spinach and lemon, topped with chia seeds—a veritable vitamin capsule in a glass.

D’Angerous dad wanted the carrot cake but his wife wanted banana bread ($4.40): it was fortunately so good he only grumbled a little.

15. 8FOOD 5

I loved my ricotta and plum cake ($5), a huge slice of sharply sweet cake, with a crunchy oatmeal topping, and there was no room for complaints about the coffee or earl grey tea.


Cute Little Cafe
Bicton Shopping Centre
(cnr Canning Highway and Petra Street)

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