Kava addiction


I’D told Herald readers last year my mum would be dead by now, but here she was tucking into a prawn linguine and demanding another cappuccino and a slice of pear tart.

And her dutiful daughter was only to happy to comply.

Kava Cafe in Bicton has been a favourite for a couple of years now, ever since mum moved into the nursing home next door.

It changed hands around Christmas, and I’m happy to report it’s even better.


For a couple of weeks one of the specials has been spaghetti marinara ($27).

The first I’d eaten on my own, struggling valiantly with the massive serve, determined not to let a morsel escape.

The second time I shared it and was still rather full.

Loaded with mussels, prawns, squid and chunks of fish it was fantastic, and so rich I could have banked it.

On that occasion mum had the hash benedict ($20) with smoked salmon and egg hollandaise.


As a fan of hash browns I was expecting the usual crumb-coated square, but these magnificent house-made potato and onion cakes were like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.

I can also report the prawn linguine ($16.50) is great, a deliciously oily mix of garlic, with fresh parsley, basil and chilli—and plenty of tender prawns.

Service at Kava is as fantastic as the food, always friendly and efficient.

These guys really go the extra mile, and when mum and I share we get two proper half-serves, not just one and an empty plate.


When my step-dad had wanted steak, rather than a steak sandwich ($23.50) the only question was “250-gram or 300”. It was perfectly medium-rare, pink, juicy and tender.

We’ve tried a couple of the cakes over the weeks and while the pear tart was good, the carrot cake ($7.50) was fantastic, moist and delicious.

“The best I’ve ever eaten,” my chef mother-in-law, a dab hand at cake-making, declared.

Kava’s coffee, usually made by the lovely Bec, is unfailingly good, and I tried the trendy cold-filtered version recently. Drip-filtered over 12 hours it’s naturally sweeter due to a lower acidity and shouldn’t be confused with iced coffee, which is hot brewed then chilled.

There’s a couple of ways to drink it and I went with the sparkling espresso ($4), which is mixed with sparkling mineral water—and was wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.


Kava Cafe

39 Bristol Avenue, Bicton

9319 1669

Open Tues 7.30am–2pm, 

Wed–Sat 7.30am–10pm, 

Sunday 7.30am–1pm



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