Meat a murderous waste


THE production of one hamburger uses as much water as two months of hot showers, according to the co-author of a new anti-meat coffee-table book.

Beaconsfield’s Gypsy Wulff says “we are told to cut down on showers and all that water is going into one burger”.

She and Fran Chambers have produced glossy coffee-table book Turning Points in Compassion, a plea to stop animal cruelty in the name of food production and the planet’s health. They says animal husbandry destroys an acre of forest every second.

The book seeks to break down the stereotype of animal activists being hardcore beanie-wearing vegans. From all corners of the globe lawyers, doctors, scientists, animal rights groups and farmers were happy to share their stories, Wulff says.

“There are three farmers in the book who now lecture in animal welfare.”

NZ doctor Aryan Tavakkoli tells readers meat-eating contributes to diabetes, heart disease and a rise in obesity.

Legal inconsistencies regarding animals raised for food also come under the spotlight: “What you are not allowed to do to pets you can do to livestock,” Wulff says.

Male calves born as an inevitable byproduct of the dairy industry are killed within days for veal or their soft hides, while lambs are slaughtered around 4–6 weeks, she says.

“The sanitised cruelty in the meat industry is too hidden from us,” Wulff says.

Turning Points in Compassion ($29) will be launched at the Peppermint Grove library, Saturday March 7, 2pm.


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