A legend of South Fremantle sleeps

THE end of an era. On Wednesday last week a legend of South Fremantle went to sleep.

The beautiful big brown-eyed black dog, with distinguished grey whiskers, that has been Annie’s companion for six-odd years, no longer walks South Freo’s streets, nor digs great holes at the beach.

Plants along the way will be less well-nurtured.

At first, after arriving from SAFE, he was a little unsure of himself, but his intelligence, love and devotion shone through and he learnt very quickly how fast or slow to walk with Annie. As she became slower, so did he.

When I met Chop Chop, not long after Annie got him, it was love at first sight and Annie was kind enough to share him with me.

I became his beach walking companion—we had many special days down the dog beach together, initially him chasing his various tennis balls, but as he became more senior and learned he just carried the ball and refused to give it up. (Obviously giving it to a human meant having to run/swim after it—not a silly dog).

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He loved going in the car and had a grin from ear to half-ear when he did so.

Much to Annie’s dismay, (and probably Chop Chop’s) she was not allowed to take him on the CAT bus when she went for her daily rides.

On his many routine daily walks with Annie he patiently waited outside Tony’s, sometimes even when she wasn’t in there.

The Save the Children shop was often graced with his presence, right in the middle of the doorway, but no-one minded, it was an excuse to have the pleasure of giving him a pat.

Kids loved him just as much as us bigger kids and I am sure there are not many who sit at South Freo’s coffee shops who didn’t know him, with his half-ear and half-tail.

He had a big dislike for most “all boy” dogs, which sometimes made for an interesting walk at the beach.

He could spot them a mile off and, even in his slower days, could still raise a good growl with hackles.

So now he sleeps, the streets and beach are not quite the same, but his bark will still echo around many of us for a long time.

by ZOE INMAN – Submitted as a letter

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