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A SHORT film about awkward situations in a disabled toilet has seen two filmmakers selected for the Revelations Film festival.

Fremantle filmmaker Miley Tunnecliffe and Jess Black lead a female-strong crew Red Milestone Productions in an industry where it’s still rare to see women working on the technical side of things.

With a focus on logistics and management, women seem to have fallen into the role of producer rather than directing, or more technical roles like editing or cinematography.

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• Filmmakers Jess Black and Miley Tunnecliffe at Sandbox Studios going over the final cut. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Ms Tunnecliffe says the pair hasn’t set out on any concerted plan to only work with women: instead, their number one rule for people they work with is “you can’t be an arsehole” followed by “be talented”.

Their film Love in a Disabled Toilet, which beat out 16 other filmmaking teams for a $10,000 grant from the Film and Television Institute, recently had its first screening at the FTI.

Ms Tunnecliffe, the writer/director while Ms Black does the producing and editing, says it’s a nervous experience watching so much work (including months of editing) in front of so many people. “I was watching the audience, not the film,” Ms Tunneclffe says.

Their work’s just been accepted into the Revelation Film Festival for the shorts screening, and they’re putting in applications here and abroad for a slew of other festivals.

Revelations film festival runs at Luna cinema’s various joints as well as at West Perth’s new Backlot Studio, and the screening schedule and info on where you can catch the film is announced June 6.


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