Council backs beach court

A BASKETBALL court is set to go ahead at South Beach following Wednesday’s Fremantle council meeting.

While talk of a court has been dribbling around the council since 2005, local group Hoop Hopes has been campaigning hard to slam-dunk it once and for all.

The project was looking good for last year but the council deferred concrete laying to look at broader plans for Wilson Park and to ensure it had the best location for the court.

The council is considering three sites for the full-scale basketball court; south of the change rooms (Hoop Hopes’ preference), the northern end of the carpark, or on Wilson Park.

The council recommended the final location should be decided through a community workshop.

The go-ahead will depend on whether funds are allocated in the upcoming budget.

A staff report notes 64 per cent of respondents support a court, but residents’ association chair Mark Woodcock says the survey was stacked: people could only tick their preference for a location, not whether they wanted one at all.

He says 30 per cent of respondents stated in the comments section they didn’t want the court, despite not being asked the question.


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